How to do a Blog Audit Using Data

Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



how to do a blog auditThere are hundreds of things data will tell you, and you need to take action from the story the data is telling. I want to share an example that just happened over the weekend on how data can help you do a blog audit.

Blog Audit

The Content Camp blog has been around for about six months and this past weekend I started a blog audit. I recommend you do a blog audit every six months. An audit primarily consists of:

  • Checking links so they go to pages that are still current and relevant
  • Making sure the calls to action are still relevant
  • Responding to any comments you missed

I have about one hundred articles to go through and I want to do the audit efficiently, so I didn’t just start at the top of the list. I went to the Analyze tab, and clicked on the Blog Analytics app.  I sorted the articles by views because I wanted to start the audit with articles that most likely have higher authority and search rankings than other articles.  These articles also produce the majority of organic traffic to the site. I wanted to ensure the articles had relevant calls to action and the links are going to the correct pages.

What I found was a lot of my articles had links that went to old, irrelevant landing pages and some calls to action that were outdated. I found one article that had three links all going to a webinar registration page that didn’t exist anymore. It has been well worth my time and I'm going to continue to with the blog audit.

Website Audit

You can also just as easily do the same thing with your website. Under the Analyze tab, go to the Visits by Page app, change the data range to six months and audit your 20 most visited website pages.

Look at the content of each page and make sure you have internal anchor text links, two calls to action and your phone numberer is above the page’s fold.

Identify how well the page is optimized for SEO, its grammar and spelling, and is the page's content still relevant and up-to-date. We will teach you how to do a complete website audit during the first webinar of our upcoming Transform Your Website webinar series.

Have you done a blog or website audit?  What ways do you use data to improve your blog? 

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