How to Create a Blog Article Title in 10 Seconds

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Mark Kilens
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5 ways to create a blog article titleIt can be difficult creating a compelling blog article title. It's the most important part of your blog article and it has to be interesting and clear. I want to help you create more effective titles that will grab the attention of your audience and make them want to reach your blog articles.

Before you start applying the following titles, you need to know what long-tail keyword you are going to use in the title.  This step should be done before you start writing the article. Download the Blogging with your Keywords Worksheet to help you.

All five titles are action-oriented, compelling and use a long-tail keyword in the title. Simple and clear almost always wins over cute and confusing. 

1.  How to “long-tail keyword”

People are typing “How to” into the search engines more and more. You can start the title with “Learn How to” or a different action verb. These articles should educate your readers and build credibility for your business.

2.  Ways to “long-tail keyword”

These articles give people specific advice on what they can do to improve something.  This title is great to start with a number like “3 Ways to Create a Better blog.  Variations of the title are “Ways to Change,” “Ways to Create” or “Ways to Improve.”

3.  Reasons Why “long-tail keyword”

This title conveys that you’re trying to convince people of something.  You’re basically trying to sell people on your idea or recommendations, and you want them to do something (call to action). You could start the title with a verb like “learn.”

4.  Why You Need “long-tail keyword”

You can change this title quite a bit. Variations include "Why You Should," "Why You Must," and "Why You Have to." It’s a very direct, strong title that sets the tone for the article. It sets you up as the authority or expert for the article's topic.

5.  Steps to “long-tail” keyword

This is a great title to use when you want to teach your readers something and answer their questions. You should almost always start this title with a number in order to set expectations. Think of the article as a step-by-step set of directions.  Just like you get when you buy a new piece of furniture or appliance.


All of these titles must align with the article’s content, especially the content in the first paragraph of the article. If they don’t, the reader will be confused and click away. You can also use these titles when writing your email subject lines.

Which one do you like to use?  How do you create your blog article titles?

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