4 Reasons Why You Must Analyze Your Marketing Data

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



why you must analyze your marketing data I like to call my marketing data my “crystal ball.” It will tell you everything about the past, the present and the future of your marketing activities and campaigns.

HubSpot makes it very easy to find the data you should measure and watch. The one HubSpot data tool you should fall in love with, if you’re not already, is Sources which can be found under the Analyze tab.

1.  Identify What’s Broken

Use your data to understand what campaigns are not performing well or to learn what landing pages have low conversion rates. Data will quickly tell you what you need to improve and adjust. We will walk you through this process during the Analyze Content Camp webinars.

2.  Identify What’s Working

Your data will tell you what is working so you can apply that to other activities or campaigns. Maybe you created a landing page that has a 50% conversion rate.  Use the page to change other landing pages and test to see if you can increase their conversion rates.

3.  Uncover New Opportunities

Uncovering new opportunities is important to generating more leads and your data is your best friend. For example, you find that two keywords are producing a few leads and those keywords describe your product perfectly. This data tells you that should start creating more content and offers related to those keywords to generate more leads.

4.  Find New Content

Finding content can be tough, but like the example I just gave, data can help you find places of new content. Maybe you notice three of your blog articles are outperforming the others. Use that data and write other articles related to the three that are performing very well.

How often do you look at marketing data? What data is really important to you?

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