12 Ways to Evergreen Your Content

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



12 ways to evergreen your contentHere’s the situation. You have 40 blog articles that get hundreds of visits a month. However, you're only getting 10 leads per month and you need to be getting 30. You could create new pieces of content to bring that lead number to 30, or you could reuse your previous content.

Save yourself a lot of time and energy and go with option two. Your older content and blog articles are working because they’re getting hundreds of views per month.

This process is called “evergreening” your content. It’s when you use older, still relevant content, in a new format.  Blogging can be the ultimate source of evergreen content because there are so many ways you can reuse blog content. Here are some of my favorite ways to evergreen your content:

  1. Write a whitepaper or eBook from a collection of related blog articles
  2. Create a “How-to guide” using content from related blog articles
  3. Put together a kit of blog articles, guides, checklists, or webinars
  4. Create a Slideshare presentation from your webinar slides
  5. Use your blog content in your monthly newsletter
  6. Publish a press release promoting all of your free content
  7. Create a YouTube channel for all of your video content
  8. Write a blog article summarizing your five most popular blog articles
  9. Post old blog articles to your social media accounts
  10. Send a quarterly blog recap email to your leads and customers
  11. Use a presentation and write a blog article summarizing it
  12. Take a whitepaper and write a blog post summarizing the whitepaper

Use your creative juices and think about how you can get more mileage out of your existing content.  Everyone, including you, wins!

What are your favorite ways to evergreen your content?

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