7 Steps to Creating a Compelling Call to Action [Call to Action Guide]

Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



7 steps to creating a compelling call to actionEvery business wants more leads, yet a lot of business don’t effectively use calls to action.  In order to generate leads, every website page should have at least one call to action that will direct the visitor to take a specific action.  If you don’t use calls to action, then how are people going to find your remarkable content or become a customer?

HubSpot has created a call to action button generator for our customer’s that will help you create compelling calls to action.  Every call to action (CTA) you create should follow these seven best practices:

  1. Make it Clear What the Offer Is
  2. Make it Action-Oriented
  3. Keep it Above the Fold
  4. Make it Stand Out
  5. Make it Match Your Landing Page Headline
  6. Include CTAs for Different Stages of the Buying Cycle Include Multiple CTAs on Every Website Page
  7. Place CTAs on the Most Relevant Website Pages

Your homepage probably receives more visits than any of your other website pages.  Because of this, it should have several calls to action that will appeal to different types of visitors.  For example, it could include these three calls to action: whitepaper download, product demo, and speak with a product specialist.

Takeaway:  Create compelling calls to action and place them above the fold on every website page.

Download the 8 Step Call to Action Guide

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