Is Your Marketing Gut Usually Right or Wrong?

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Okay, admit it, as a marketer, we all have decided to go with our "gut" in assessing the value of an email subject line or the layout of a landing page. And, let's face it, after analyzing the results, how often were you right?

During the inaugural session of HubSpot's Landing Page Camp on Friday, I referenced a terrific resource that offers a weekly choice of two landing pages or home pages to its subscribers: Which test (A or B) won the battle of increasing click-through-rates, gaining more form completions, adding more new subscribers, and other burning marketing questions?

Created and developed by the founder of MarketingSherpa, this site by Anne Holland, is devoted to A/B Test and Multivariate Testing Education for Marketing Professionals.  Register to receive weekly emails that outline a "Test of the Week", asking you to choose Version A or Version B.  It's fun to see how site visitors voted the same as you (or not!) in real-time.  And, then you get to tweet if you "Got it Right" or "Got it Wrong".  Terrific interaction and super-simple to review their content each week.  

HubSpot's Rebecca Corliss recently won a Gold Ribbon from Which Test Won? for her efforts in optimizing the copy on the home page to generate more free trial requests.

Here is the outline of the Gold-Ribbon Which Test Won Test of the Week for HubSpot's Home Page.















Image credit: "Big Gut" Mike Baird

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