Live Optimization of Your Landing Pages

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



live optimization of your landing pagesThat’s right everyone, Jeanne and I will be doing live optimization of one or two landing pages before each Content Camp webinar starting Friday. 

We’re also dedicating an entire webinar on optimizing your landing pages, thank you pages, and calls to action.

Submit your landing content if you’d like us to optimize your landing page live before one of the webinars.  If you don't want us to optimize it live then Billy and Jenn will be grading your landing page using our new Landing Page Report Card.

The landing page report card follows our 10 Step Landing Page Guide which outlines the most important landing page best practices.  Some best practices include:

  • No menu navigation
  • Use of bullet points
  • Setting up a thank you page
optimizing your landing pagesAnother tip is don't use the word "submit" on your landing page form buttons. Always change the form buttonto match the verb in the call to action or change it to “Go” or “Click Here” 

For example, if your call to action is “Download Your Whitepaper on Landing Page Best Practices,” I would label the form button “Download Whitepaper”

The more consistent your button and call to action is, the more form submissions you'll receive.

I'll be presenting the 10 Step Landing Page Guide and Report Card during Friday's webinar.

Submit Your Landing Page Content for Review

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