5 Ways to Promote Your New Blog Content

Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



You just started blogging and have some articles you want your audience to find and read. But, how do you get your audience to read your new blog articles?  Here are five simple ways to get started:

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1.  Homepage Call to Action

Add a call to action to your homepage promoting your new blog. Give your website visitors a reason why they should read your blog. Here's what CBCI Telecom does:

ways to promote your blog content

You could add your blog's RSS feed to your homepage. Here's what Windstream Hosted Solutions does:

how to promote blog content

2.  Calls to Action on Most Popular Pages

Create calls to action on your most visited website pages. You can use HubSpot's Visits by Page tool under the Analyze tab to determine your most visited website pages.  Take the top 10 or 20 pages and add a call to action to each page.  The call to action needs to be above the page’s fold (don’t need to scroll to see the call to action).

3.  Email Marketing

Send an email to your prospects and customers announcing your new blog. Explain why they should subscribe and what content they will see in the future. This is a great way to start building relationships with both groups and to demonstrate your expertise.

Use your blog content in your lead nurturing emails to help nurture and qualify your leads.

Include a snippet of content and a link to the content in your monthly newsletter.  This is also a great place to include a call to action to subscribe to the blog.

Send an email to your employees and friends announcing the blog.  Ask them to share the content with their appropriate networks.

4.  Thank You Pages

A thank you page should follow each landing page and they’re a perfect opportunity to get your new leads in front of your blog content.  Some ways you could display the blog content include:

  • List articles that are relevant to the landing page offer the lead just downloaded
  • Have a call to action to read your blog content
  • Display a RSS feed of your blog’s content
  • Have a call to action to subscribe to your blog

5. Social Media

Have all of your employees add the blog URL to their LinkedIn profile and email signature.  Ask them to share the content through their relevant social media sites. 

Post each new blog post to social media websites that are relevant your business. B2B businesses should post the content to LinkedIn and Twitter. B2C businesses should post the content to Facebook and Twitter.

2 Bonus Tips (usually the easiest):  Add your blog to your website menu and have all of your employees subscribe to the blog.

Takeaway:  You must promote your blog in order for people to find and engage with your content.

How have you promoted your blog articles?

promoting content

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