3+ Ways to Encourage Sales Reps to Blog

Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



As you have learned during previous Content Camp webinars, Encourage Sales Reps to Blogblogging is extremely important if you want to generate new sales leads. Sales reps always want leads, specifically highly qualified leads. Because sales want this, then each sales rep should take one hour per week and write relevant blog content to attract their perfect prospects.

Sales reps should create a portfolio of their thought leadership and expertise. This will help build trust and credibility with their prospects much faster. They will get more visibility in their industry, and be able to attract high quality leads by writing about the things that matter to the people they are trying to connect with.

Sales reps that blog will grow their networks even faster because their content can be shared through their relevant social media websites.

Here are three ways to help encourage your sales reps to blog:

  • Offer a monetary prize to the rep with the most blog views per month
  • Recognize the sales rep that has generated the most amount of leads through their blog each month
  • Offer a “champions club” style prize if a rep closes a deal because of their blog content

How to get your sales reps to start blogging: Have your sales reps write down their three most commonly asked questions and tell them to write three 200 word responses to each question.

Tools sales reps can use to help them blog:

Learn why and how IBM's sales reps are blogging and are active in social media websites.

Takeaway:  Help your sales reps start blogging by showing them the light and make sure you add calls to action to the end of their blog articles.

Have you been able to get your sales reps to blog?  What incentives have you created?

Image source: OpenView Partners Blog

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