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The hundreds of people attending today's Content Camp (Blogging Camp #5) heard from Kyle James, Product Manager for the blogging component of the simple and integrated marketing software that is HubSpot.

During the session, the 100s of questions (Yes, we are recording.  Yes, the slides will be made available.  Yes, you can listen to previous Camps by visiting also included many related to blogging and a few related to Press Releases and Public Relations.

I mentioned the discount code to a $69 press release distribution PR Newswire offer and here it is:  You will get your press release distributed via PR Newswire and the use of embedded links at no extra charge. 

Kyle also answered one Camper's question about how to leverage an upcoming Daytona Raceway press release to maximize visibility.  He suggested that the Camper first blog about the content in the press release without duplicating the same information.  You should then link to that blog post (with an appropriate Call-To-Action at the end of the post) from the press release.  Kyle said, "I would advise posting the relevant content to your site in advance so that search engines know this is the original information and the rest are duplicates.  That way, you'll be sure to get your site indexed."  

Kyle continues, "I would suggest that people interested in this issue visit the Forums to learn more about this specific topic."

Do you have any other Public Relations questions?  Is this a topic you'd like to see covered separately in a special camp session?

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