How to Stay on Top of Your Marketing [Concept of the Week]

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



marketing analyticsEverybody is just so busy these days. It seems like the weeks go by faster and faster as each year passes.  We’re all so busy that our marketing sometimes gets ignored. But you have HubSpot, and we’re making it super easy to stay on top of your marketing.

Most people probably don’t love diving into their marketing data. It can take a while and can be very cumbersome. But that’s no excuse. You’re measured by your results, so you better take the time to determine what’s working and what’s not.  If you don’t, you’ll be wasting more time on things that aren’t producing results, and less time on the things that are producing results.

Your task today is to subscribe to the following three HubSpot emails. Go to Settings and then Email Notifications to subscribe.

Weekly Performance Email

The Weekly Performance Email summarizes your previous week. It reports website traffic and sources, leads converted, inbound links, top inbound referrers and keywords, and conversations relevant to your business on social media. Every marketer should be subscribed to this email.

Daily Prospects Digest

The Daily Prospects Digest tells you what businesses and organizations have visited your website during the last day. It’s a snapshot of their activity. You can then use HubSpot’s Prospects app, under the Convert tab, to drill into each business and determine what they did on your website. This is a great email to forward to sales.

Monthly Marketing Report Email

HubSpot’s new Monthly Marketing Report Email analyzes your last month and highlights important pieces of data. The email also includes a downloadable PowerPoint deck. Simply add your branding to the slides and you have a report that you can present to your boss or management. The report will show them how marketing is helping the business.  You should receive this email at the beginning of every month.

I highly recommend you also add to your safe sender list or address book. This will prevent the emails from landing in your spam folder.

Don’t delay! Sign up for all three emails today! Go to Settings > Email Notifications

Which email do you find to be the most useful? Have you subscribed other employees or colleagues to any of the emails?

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