How to Solve Three Common Marketing Problems [Concept of the Week]

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Mark Kilens
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how to solve marketing problemsEveryone is getting ready to transition into 2012. Aren’t you just so excited!?  What a perfect time to start tackling your biggest marketing problem.  I recommend you document your goals, create a plan and start working on solving your biggest marketing problem as soon as possible. Do this and you’ll be two steps ahead going into 2012. Here are three common marketing problems and how to solve for them.

Generating Qualified Traffic

If you’re struggling to generate enough qualified traffic then you probably have a content issue. Here’s how I would solve this problem:

1.  Create your ideal customer personas. This will help you identify what keywords you should be writing about and what content your personas need.  (Watch the webinar series)

2.  Start creating content for each persona. Schedule a brainstorming session with your team and create a content backlog for 2012.

3.  Write two or more educational blog articles per week about subjects that are relevant to each persona.  (Watch the webinar series)

4.   Promote your content on your website and throughout social media. (Watch the webinar series)

Generating Qualified Leads

This is a mission critical problem! Here’s what I would do:

1.  Create your customer personas. This is the most important step, just like it was with the first problem. (Watch the webinar series)

2.  Have a meeting with sales and brainstorm all of the content that they have used or think marketing should be using to generate the right type of lead. (Watch the webinar series)

3.  Start creating content offers that match to sales’ ideal customer personas. (Watch the webinar series)

4.  Promote the content by using calls to action, email marketing and blogging. (Watch the webinar series)

5.  Start lead nurturing campaigns that will educate and qualify leads before they are handed to sales. (Watch the webinar series)

Generating Customers

1.  Meet with your sales team immediately and go through all of the leads from the last month, three months or six months. Create categories for each type of lead. Your categories could be: prospect (not qualified yet), qualified, warm opportunity, hot opportunity, customer and win-back (previous customer).

2. After you’ve done that decide on what types of leads you need to turn into customers. Then use your HubSpot lead intelligence data to understand what those leads did before they became a lead. Look at what pages they visited, what they downloaded, how many times they came back to your site, etc. Share this data with sales and teach them how to use the data. (Watch the webinar series)

3. Lastly, use the data to create lead nurturing campaigns for the leads that sales and you decide are not sales ready. (Watch the webinar series)

I hope this helps you on your quest for marketing domination in 2012. Happy holidays!

I Can Help You

This week I've schedule two hours of open office hours. I really want to help solve your 2012 marketing problems! Sign up now or ask me your questions via Twitter (@MarkKilens).

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