New Update to HubSpot Security and Privacy: Mandated HTTPS

Elizabeth Dunn



As part of HubSpot's continued focus on security and privacy, we are rolling out changes that will mandate HTTPS for all communication within the HubSpot software. HubSpot currently uses HTTPS for login, for customers that use the integration, and those that have previously opted into using a more secure connection, but we will be expanding the usage of HTTPS to all of the HubSpot software and for all customers.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind with the change to HTTPS.

  • The rollout of HTTPS will not affect public-facing content. 
  • If you are currently a customer using HTTPS, there should be no impact as you are already accessing HubSpot securely. 
  • For those customers that are not currently using HTTPS, any bookmarked links that you currently have will need to be reset.

HTTPS will be start rolling out starting Monday Jan 23rd, 2012. You will continue to log into your HubSpot account via

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