How to get other people in your company to blog for you

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Diana Urban
Diana Urban



blog contributorsGet more out of your blog by recruiting other people in your organization to help create content and articles for your business blog.

Recruit thought leaders

Think about who the thought leaders are in your organization, and discuss with them the value of blogging. Remember to emphasize that publishing on your business blog will be of tremendous benefit to your business, but will also help build their own professional reputation and resume. 

Create an editorial calendar

Once you have identified your most talented content producers (and remember that these people are often found outside of the marketing and PR departments), ask them to contribute on a consistent basis. Create an editorial calendar that makes it clear to them when you want them to publish articles or videos, and give them guidance as to what topics you would like them to cover each time.

Run a contest

Competition can be a great motivator. Each month, give a prize to the author whose post (written that month) received the most page views. Even a simple prize like a gift card can help generate some very useful content from often unexpected sources. 

Keep a leader board posted on your company refrigerator, the online wiki, or wherever people can see it. Make sure that when the winner is announced, they feel like they accomplished something big for your company, so that everyone's motivated to win next month.

Recruit industry leaders outside your company

You can also recruit guest authors from outside your organization. Look around your industry to find rising stars who are looking to help establish their online presence as a thought leader or industry authority. There are always people looking for places to boost their visibility online, and you can take advantage of the content that they are willing to create.

What tips do you have to get your colleages to contribue to your blog? Share your tips in the comments below!



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