New in the HubSpot App Marketplace: The Ifbyphone LeadResponder

Elizabeth Dunn



IfbyphoneIfbyphone is a voice-based marketing automation company that helps you manage, measure, and automate your voice communications, and the new Ifbyphone LeadResponder app in the HubSpot App Marketplace can help you bridge the gap between the good timing and a missed opportunity.

Let's say a well qualified prospect fills out a form on your website indicating that he or she is ready to buy. You might want to get in touch right away by phone to increase your changes of closing the deal.

The Ifbyphone LeadResponder for HubSpot integrates with your HubSpot software and your existing phone system to put you in touch with your hottest leads by phone while they are still kicking around on your website, thinking about how much they’d like to buy your products or services.

Installing and configuring the app is easy; no developers are required. You simply configure a few settings and tie one of your salespeople’s email addresses to your web form. When qualified web visitors fills out your form, LeadResponder immediately calls your sales rep and connects them with your prospect.

The Ifbyphone LeadResponder for HubSpot app price includes 1000 minutes per month, and then it’s 5 cents per minute after that. To find out more, visit the Ifbyphone app page in the HubSpot App Marketplace.

Ifbyphone infographic


The HubSpot App Marketplace offers a wide variety of third-party apps that HubSpot customers can add to their core HubSpot product to enhance and expand their inbound marketing efforts. Third-party apps are sold and supported by the independent companies that develop them. Learn more about how to use the HubSpot App Marketplace.

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