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Mark Kilens
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tell us your story hubspotEveryone loves a great story. You start reading and you just don’t want to put it down until you’re done. Everyone has a great story to share. How would you like to share your remarkable inbound marketing story with other inbound marketers?

Oh, we're not asking you to write a novel or anything. Just a 300 to 600-word blog article that describes what problem you solved, how you solved it, and what was the outcome.

As an example, Encharter Insurance, a HubSpot customer for more than a year, just posted a terrific story on how they grew their Facebook fan base using HubSpot. We'd love to see more of those!

What if everyone who’s reading this article shared just one story, one win they had with their inbound marketing in 2011? Think of the opportunity to teach -- and to learn -- from each other. On top of all that, we'll link to your site, and your story will be sent to our thousands of blog subscribers.

Need some help getting your creative juices flowing?

Here are some story ideas you could write about:

  1. How you increased your traffic from search engines
  2. How you generated more qualified leads for your sales team
  3. How you  transformed your blog into a lead generating machine
  4. How you used social media to listen to and educate your audience

There are thousands of inbound marketing stories out there that are waiting to be told.  Your story will help your fellow inbound marketers generate more traffic, leads, and customers. And anyway, who doesn’t love to brag a little? Just complete this landing page form and we'll get back to you within 48 hours with guidelines that will help you structure your story.

Now go find your favorite writing spot, snuggle up with your computer and start writing a success story that will make a big impact on your fellow inbound marketers. Seriously. Your Mom would be proud.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns about sharing your story. We'd love to chat.


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