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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



preview of webinarsHappy Leap Year everybody! February has twenty-nine days this month, so that’s one extra day to help you reach your lead and customer goals. To celebrate, HubSpot has some pretty sweet webinars on tap for this month. Don't miss our advanced paid search webinar series and call to action webinar series, both ready to go for February.

How to Audit and Improve Your Paid Search Campaigns

Google Adwords is "not a set it and forget it" tactic. But lots of marketers treat it this way. Why is this such a big mistake?

That's easy. The competitive landscape in your industry changes every day.  Suddenly hot topics can create an equally sudden surge in search volume. At the same time, people's search behavior continues to evolve. The needs of your customers change. Google changes how the search algorithm works.  All of these factors and more can lead to drastic and unanticipated changes in how your campaign works – in your overall campaign performance, your  daily spend, average CPC, quality score, average position, your CTR, ad copy success, and more. 

If you or your team is actively managing a paid search campaign through Google Adwords, this webinar series will provide you with the structure and tips you need to manage your campaigns effectively. Learn how to get the most out of your campaign dollars, discover the latest optimization tactics, and develop an understanding of advanced strategies that you can keep in your back pocket and implement down the road.

I hope you can join Kelly Cunningham, Matthew Wainwright, Jeff Russo, and me for this very important paid search series. Register now, because these webinars begin today!

Note: this series is for experienced paid search practitioners. If you're an Adwords beginner, watch this webinar series first.

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Creating World Class Calls to Action

Calls to action (CTAs) compel your website's visitors to take some type of specific action that will further engage, enlighten, or educate them. Every page on your website should have at least one well designed call to action. But what constitutes a well designed CTA?

During this three-week webinar series, you'll learn how to create world class CTAs that really grab the attention of your visitors. But you're not done yet -- next youhave to truly deliver on the promise you made in you CTA. We’ll teach you how to create seamless continuity between your CTAs and your content. Then we’ll describe how to rigorously test your CTAs to attain the very best possible conversion rate.  

I hope you can join Rebecca Churt, Maggie Georgieva, and me. Register now, because these webinars begin on Thursday, February 9.

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