How to Repurpose Existing Content To Generate Leads [Customer Story]

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



When Tenon Tours joined HubSpot, we were told that a good way to generate more TOFU (top of the funnel) leads was to provide a Marketing Offer -- some kind of eBook, eGuide, or whitepaper that qualified leads would want to download.  We knew that it would take us time to create this kind of content, so we put it on our to-do list and moved on.  Two months later it occurred to us that we already had this content built, and it was just already online.

when we launched our updated website at the beginning of 2011, we'd built in a self guided section that answered all of our most frequently asked questions. Once we realized the true value of this content, we realized we could be using it to generate leads by repurposing it into a Marketing Offer. 

Step 1:  Create a Call To Action

We removed the Online Planning Guide from our navigation menu and replaced it with a Call-to-action (CTA) button. 


" target="_blank">Learn how to create a CTA using HubSpot >

Step 2:  Create a Landing Page

Visitors were then directed to a landing page that explained what they would get in their free planning guide, and to complete a short form to access it. 


" target="_blank">Learn how to create a landing page using HubSpot >

Step 3:  Provide the content after the form is completed

We set our form to send the prospect directly to the page that had previously been in the menu.  Once the prospect clicked the submit button, they would get access to our self-drive planning guide, and we now had a lead that we would have totally missed out on otherwise.

We also provided this content as a downloadable PDF, which they could access later via email.


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Step 4:  Create a Lead Nurturing Campaign

Now the new lead will be enrolled in a specialized lead nurturing campaign so that they can more easily move them down the funnel to a more qualified lead getting ready to purchase. 

In the last four months, 15% of the visitors who have landed on our self-drive menu page clicked on our new CTA, of which 35% converted to leads, resulting in over 350 leads that we would otherwsie not have had. 

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The Hubspot tools that we used to accomplish all this were the Call to Action Button Generator, Landing Pages, the Form Manager, and Lead Nurturing apps.

Tenon Tours is a Boston-based tour company operating year-round scheduled and customized tours to Ireland and beyond.  We have been a very satisfied HubSpot Customer since August 2011. 


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