How to Get 4X More Leads with HubSpot [Customer Story]

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Mark Kilens
Mark Kilens



Fisher Technology is the North American Distributor for TaskCentre by Orbis Software. When we established our North American presence six years ago and created a website, much of the content we hosted was copied directly from Orbis’s website and was badly in need of updating and refreshing. We were not blogging, not getting incoming leads, not using landing pages, not using calls to action, not using long-tail keywords, and we did not actively engage in social media.

The result: Once we started following the HubSpot training and did all of the above, in six months we achieved a 4X growth in leads.

Step 1:  Optimize Website for Lead Generation

Once our existing website was migrated over to the Hubspot CMS, we immediately started to put into practice the lessons of the HubSpot training. We updated our homepage and put a CTA button on our product overview page. We created a landing page and a short form. This landing page has generated quite a few leads, which we believe is due to our decision to keep the form short -- and to not overwhelm our prospects with emails once the form was filled out.


" target="_blank">" target="_blank">Learn how to create a call to action and landing page using HubSpot >

Step 2:  Create Content

We enhanced the content on all of our pages to include long-tail keywords. Right away, we saw our website rankings jump up. For example, the keywords "automated email archiving" and "credit control automation" went from a page 10+ ranking to the first page of the Google results within a very short time.

We started blogging at least once a week, and took advantage of an opportunity to guest blog on other sites through the HubSpot customer forums. This experiment in guest blogging was very successful and resulted in a series of posts that were reblogged and retweeted, sending 67% more visitors to our site over the course of six months. Our increase in blogging led us to more actively engage in LinkedIn conversations and on Twitter, and motivated us to create a Facebook page.  We use the HubSpot Follow Me buttons on every page of our site and on every blog post.

Our corporate Twitter following has grown from 0 to 62 followers and our Facebook page has grown from 0 to 41 followers in a matter of 3 months.


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Step 3: Revamp Website

We started using better metrics to track our progress. We set a goal to totally revamp and modernize our website. We specifically wanted to change our corporate logo and make the website more welcoming to visitors and easier to navigate.

To help us with the redesign, we hired Bazoon Marketing, whom we found through the Hubspot Service Marketplace. The new design is now live! We have lots of work to do with adding new content, but we now have the tools and the design to make our website work for us.



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The HubSpot tools we used were Page Grader, Link Grader, Sources, To-do List app, Benchmarks app, Social Medial Publishing app and the Analyze Your Landing Pages app.

Fisher Technology are the North American Distributor for TaskCentre by Orbis Software of the UK. TaskCentre is a leading edge business process management suite that enables companies to automate their manual business processes according to their business rules. They've been a customer of Hubspot since June 2011.



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