Pinterest Button Added To HubSpot's Follow Me Module

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Elizabeth Dunn



pinterest logoHubSpot customers can now add a link to their Pinterest accounts to the popular HubSpot Follow Me feature, which allows website visitors an easy means to follow your company across a number of different social media accounts.

Given the recent surge in popularity we've seen in marketers using Pinterest, it's no surprise that this feature has been popping up recently in the HubSpot user forums and on We're happy to now be able to offer this additional functionality to our customers, and it's integrated seamlessly into our existing Follow Me module, so there's no new trick to learn. Just add your account info and go.

To add a Pinterest account to your HubSpot Follow Me module, simply add your Pinterest account to your Social Media Accounts in Settings. Once your account has been added, you only need to check the box to add it to every Follow Me module across your website. 

For complete details on how to use the HubSpot Follow Me module, including instructions on adding your Pinterest and other social media accounts to your HubSpot, read the tutorial on How To Set Up Your Social Media Tools.

Pinterest Button Added To HubSpot s Follow Me Module

Will you be adding Pinterest to your arsenal of social media marketing tools? How will you integrate it with the rest of your inbound marketing tactics?

Share your feedback in the comments, and let us know!


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