Introducing the New HubSpot Conversion Assists Tool

Joshua Payne



You might have visitors coming to your site, but how good are you at converting them into leads? What kind of content works best at lead conversion? How can you turn your website into a lead generating machine? What kind of content do your best leads (the ones who become customers) actually enjoy?

With the new Conversion Assists report, HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers will be able to answer each of these questions and more.


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These days, marketers need to answer an increasingly sophisticated set of questions.

For instance:

  • What content has helped turn a visitor into a lead?
  • What content has helped turn a visitor into the best kind of lead, a customer?
  • What content should I try to make sure my visitors see?
  • What is the impact of my blog on generating leads?
  • What topics should I write about? What topics have the biggest impact?
  • What content should I include in my lead nurturing efforts or email marketing?

Not all content is created equal. Now you can use the Conversion Assists report to find out what really works in the middle of your marketing funnel, and how you can fine tune your content so that it’s converting visits to leads -- and leads to customers -- at as high a rate as possible.

If you’re like most marketers, you already spend a lot of your time optimizing the top of your marketing funnel. HubSpot tools like Keywords help you determine how to attract more traffic through organic search. Tools like Visits by Page and Page Grader help you improve the effective of each unique page on your site so that you’re attracting as many visits as possible. Your Sources report tells you how your leads found you for the very first time.

But what happens once a visitor has found your site? Your content doesn’t just attract customers to the site - it helps them further along the path to critical conversions, like becoming a lead and becoming a customer. For many marketers, this is the missing piece of the puzzle.

You can give the new Conversion Assists tool a spin by accessing it under the Analyze menu:

Conversion Assists Menu resized 600

You’ll find tutorials and tips on how to use Conversion Assists right within the tool itself. So if you’re a Professional or Enterprise HubSpot customer, check it out and tell us what you think.

We’ve included a handy feedback tab on the far right of the Conversion Assists screen, so that you can give us your feedback without any hassle or fuss. And if you’d like to talk about getting access to Conversion Assists and our other advanced marketing tools, speak to your account manager about an upgrade.



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