30 HubSpot User Groups Now Meeting Across US

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Rebecca Corliss
Rebecca Corliss



HubSpot User GroupHubSpot User Groups (or, as they are affectionately nicknamed, "HUGs") are sprouting up all over the United States. Now with 30 HUGs across the United States, the membership of these groups is growing faster than ever. 

HUGs usually meet about every other month, getting together for a few fun, social hours to talk about how they use HubSpot. People attend to learn new strategies, share their results, talk out challenges, and become better marketers. In March of 2012 alone there were 11 HUG meetups throughout the country, including one in Richmond, Virginia, which held its first meetup just last week.

Joining a HUG is also a great way to brush elbows with a HubSpot employee once in a while. HubSpotters frequently fly across the country to attend HUG meetups whenever they can. Generally we'll be there to share new features, answer questions, and collect feedback. It's a unique experience and a great way to share your ideas with us. We love it, and what we learn at HUGs get fed directly into our product improvement process.

Interested in joining a HUG? Chances are good there's one near you. If not, why not start one yourself? It's a great way to meet other folks who are passionate about inbound marketing, just like you.


We expect that local HUGs will continue to expand dramatically during the next year. And we're always looking for your feedback to improve the program, so don't be shy. Tell us how you use HUGs, and how you'd like to make them better.


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