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Elizabeth Dunn



Landing pages are vital tools in any inbound marketer's toolkit. So marketers like you always want to know how to make them better, how to tweak and improve your landing pages so that they pull as much weight as possible in your ongoing quest to convert more visitors into leads. For that, you need great landing page analytics.

Now you have access to exactly that, with the new free Landing Page tool from HubSpot. Available to all HubSpot customers, the new Landing Page tool gives you the insight you need to easily manage your landing pages and maximize your conversion rate.

With the new Landing Page Analytics too, you can discover:

  • Which landing pages are getting the most views
  • Which landing pages are getting the most submissions
  • Which landing pages are most effective at converting customers
  • Which landing pages are becoming more effective with time
  • Which landing pages are declining in effectiveness
  • Which offers are delivering the highest quality leads

You can read the step-by-step tutorial article here.

Compare views across pages

Which of your landing pages are getting the most views? Group any number of landing pages with one another by selecting them in the list below your dashboard, choose your desired date range, and then analyze away.

HubSpot  Landing Pages 1

Compare view-to-submission rates

Getting people to view your landing pages is one thing, but it's another thing to actually get them to submit your form. Use the Views-to-Submissions tab to analyze which of your landing pages are converting the highest ratio of viewers into leads. Because that's really where the rubber hits the road.

HubSpot  Landing Pages 7

Compare total submissions

Which landing pages actually generate submissions, and when do submissions most often occur? Again, just choose the landing pages you want to compare, select your date range, and dig in to your data. Tasty, tasty data.

HubSpot  Landing Pages 9

Compare lead and customer generation

We recommend our HubSpot customers create multiple offers. But with simple submission data, it was difficult to distinguish which landing pages were delivering new leads and which were simply further nurturing existing leads. The new leads counts for each landing page can help you determine which landing pages are delivering the most brand new leads and which are gathering you more reconversions.

You can extend your analysis to see which landing pages are truly the highest quality by determining which deliver the most new customers. Once you know what works best to convert, you can improve your underperforming landing pages so that they convert at an impressive clip, too.

HubSpot  Landing Pages 10

Bookmark report views for later

With five different metrics to choose from, the new Landing Pages tool lets you pick and choose which landing pages to analyze together. And with lots of customizable date options to select at wull, the possibilities are endless.

Use the bookmarking tool to easily recreate reports that took you multiple clicks to generate. Customize any of the views in your new Landing Page tool so that it reports exactly the metrics you want to see, for precisely the time frame you're interested in. Then bookmark it for later recall.

HubSpot  Landing Pages 11

View reports alongside your Marketing Actions

Click on the icons along the bottom of the chart to see what other Marketing Actions you ran during that period of time. This will help you see the whole picture of what's really driving results across your integrated marketing efforts.

HubSpot  Landing Pages 12

Read more about how to use the HubSpot Landing Page Analytics Dashboard. And stay tuned for more new features to come with this tool soon.



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