Spring Into Action with April #InboundLearning Webinars

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Spring has sprung!  And so have our #InboundLearning spring webinars.  Join us for two essential webinars that inspire momentum in your 2012 marketing strategies!  

How to Use HubSpot’s Conversion Assists Report

It's a new day!  A new analytics report, Conversions Assists, is now available under your Analyze tab.  This webinar will teach you how you can use the data in your Conversion Assists Report to analyze what content your site visitors are consuming (1) before they become leads and (2) before they become customers.  Explore the functionality of this report, understand its capabilities, and learn how you can apply its powerful metrics to boost your inbound marketing results. These sessions will include real-life customer examples to help you better understand how customers are using this report.

Join HubSpotters Mark Kilens, Josh Payne, and Kelly Cunningham on April 17 and 24 from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm EST.  

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How to Use HubSpot’s App & Service Marketplace

This series of two webinars will introduce you to the world's largest marketplace of inbound marketing apps and partner services. You'll get a comprehensive overview of all of the possibilities available to you through the HubSpot marketplaces.  

HubSpot App Marketplace

Have you seen the App Marketplace?  Did you know that there are over 60 apps available for your installation right now? Are you wondering about which apps would benefit you and help you achieve your goals?  This webinar will be an exploration through the App Marketplace. Learn how to install apps, see what other HubSpot customers are saying about different apps, and start using the new tools available to you. Whether you are new to the marketplace or a seasoned user, this webinar will be a great overview for all customers.  

HubSpot Service Marketplace

Do you ever wish you could find extra support with inbound marketing?  Need a little help with your SEO, landing pages, blogging, redesign, or any aspect of your inbound marketing?  Or even a lot of help?  HubSpot has created the Service Marketplace to help connect you with various levels and price ranges of inbound marketing services.  The Service Marketplace has recently been revised to include customer reviews, examples, and a new look. Regardless of where you are with your Inbound Marketing, this discussion and marketplace tour is designed for all customers and will be chock full of information for your back pocket.

Join HubSpotters Mark Kilens, Adrian Mott, and Liz Ricklefs for a marketplace journey. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the #InboundLearning!

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