Make Your CTAs Sing With The New HubSpot CTA Manager

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Now you can create CTAs in seconds, deploy them across your website, blogs, and email, and track and compare your best CTAs for the highest possible conversion rate in all your marketing. It's all thanks to the new HubSpot CTA manager, and boy, is it sweet.

HubSpot's new CTA manager goes even further in helping you build, maintain, and analyze call-to-action buttons across all of your marketing channels. Replacing the old HubSpot CTA manager, the new tool offers improved speed, one-step cross-platform editing, better image management, the ability to deploy the same CTAs you use on your website in your HubSpot emails, and more.

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CTAs Are The Missing Link

HubSpot users know that CTAs are the missing ingredient in a lot of people's online marketing efforts. You might create the best content out there and attract all kinds of traffic via search engines and inbound links, but if you're not converting your traffic into leads through the use of rock solid calls to action linking to carefully designed landing pages, then your website is nothing more than a beautifully optimized trampoline.

That's why it's so important for inbound marketers to have a fast, simple tool for creating and managing CTA buttons -- a tool that's integrated with your blog, your website, your email, and your analytics.

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The New HubSpot CTA Tool

HubSpot's new Call-to-Action tool incorporates many of your most-requested features and capabilities:

  • Improved speed - The CTA tool itself works faster, saving you time when you're creating a suite of CTA buttons for use across the web. And once deployed, your CTA buttons will load much faster for your viewers, increasing engagement on your website and emails.
  • Cross-platform use - Now you can use the same CTA you’ve built for your website in your HubSpot email campaigns, then track the success of your CTAs in one seamless view.
  • Integrated editing - Using the new CTA tool, you can edit and alter your CTA buttons once, then watch as the changes automatically take effect everywhere you've placed them. No need to hunt down each placement and change every single instance. Your changes take effect universally with one stroke of the keyboard.
  • Better image editing - We've upgraded the way you use images in your CTA to make it easier for you to add images from an external image editor, resize images after upload, and use CSS buttons and images files, allowing you more speed, flexibility, and control.
  • Improved searching - Name your CTAs the way you want to, so that you can organize and search through your CTA inventory in seconds.
  • Expanded click-through options - The new CTA tool allows you to set your CTA buttons to open your link in a new window, so that visitors stay on your site longer and follow the conversion paths that work best for them.
  • Simpler editing - We've added a ton of tiny upgrades to the CTA editing experience, including the ability to automatically include alt-text for all of your CTA images.

When Can I Use It?

The new CTA manager is available to all customers (Basic, Professional, and Enterprise) right now. To get started using the tool, follow our guides



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