GaggleAMP Amplifies Your Social Media Presence [Marketplace App]

Elizabeth Dunn



gaggleamp logoNow available in the HubSpot App Marketplace, GaggleAMP helps you amplify the reach and increase the effectiveness of your social media efforts by leveraging the networks of your employees, partners, and customers. 

You simply ask people who already have an affinity for your company to join your "Gaggle." They'll log in via a secure interface to see the messages you're asking them to share through their social networks. They get to choose which messages they wish to share and even which social networks they want to use. GaggleAMP currently supports Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

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Then whenever you publish social content using GaggleAMP, your Gaggle members will relay those messages with the click of a button. No more manual retweeting, reposting, or copying and pasting needed.

With the release of the HubSpot Marketplace GaggleAMP app, you can combine the power of GaggleAMP with your HubSpot. Your subscription to GaggleAMP, starting at $25 per month, can give you a significantly amplified social media presence, an expanded network effect, and a more robust stable of lead generating channels.

And as a HubSpot customer, you're eligible to receive a free 2-week trial of GaggleAMP if you register today.

GaggleAMP offers you:

  • Automatic distribution of blog posts and other social content through Gaggle member accounts via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 
  • Easy identification of the content in your HubSpot blog that you want your members to share
  • Automated analysis of sharing with data-driven recommendations for what you should share again
  • Detailed tracking of where your messages travel once they've been shared by your members
  • Full integration with HubSpot's campaign tracking features

Increase the reach of your social media marketing by leveraging the networks of your friends, employees, associates, partners, and customers. Check out GaggleAMP today.

The HubSpot App Marketplace is home to countless apps that help you customize HubSpot to suit the unique needs of your business. Some apps are free with your HubSpot subscription, while some third-party apps require an additional, separate subscription fee to use. Please contact the third-party app provider with any questions about registration, billing, and technical support.

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