Five tips for using the new HubSpot Settings screens

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Brian McMullin
Brian McMullin



We just gave the Settings screens a make over, adding some new functionality and making it easier for you to get set up in the product. Here are five quick tips for getting the most out of the new Settings screens. As always, feel free to give us feedback using the orange feedback tab across all the Settings screens. 


1. Access all your settings easily with the left navigation bar

settings1.jpg resized 600


2. Add an image we can use to identify you across the product (or we'll pick up your Gravatar if you have one)

settings2 resized 600


3. Easily manage your HubSpot Email Settings for yourself, or others on your Account.

 settings4 resized 600



4. Miss an email? Resend any of the Daily, Weekly, or Monthly emails right from the Settings screen. 

settings3.jpg resized 600


5. Quickly get your user ID, Account Type, and Account number

settings5 resized 600

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