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Meghan Keaney Anderson
Meghan Keaney Anderson



Examining a database of more than 100 million retweets and other social media shares for his Science of Timing, HubSpot's Dan Zarrella zeroed in on some of the best times for posting to social media. One of the key recommendations from his research was the following:

"Don't crowd your content. If ... you want your content to get attention, and your content to get links, let it breathe. Give it some room. Don't tweet right after it." 

This week HubSpot introduces a new feature in its social media publishing app that will make scheduling social media shares in an optimized way as easy as (orange meringue) pie. Just as before, you'll have the option to publish your posts immediately or set your own timing, but new suggested times will enable you to schedule with one click, saving you time.

The time slots:

  • Are based on Dan Zarrella's "social science" timing research
  • Ensure that posts don't crowd within two hours of each other. 
  • Allow you to over-ride them should breaking news come up. 


suggested times example 

We'll be opening up suggested times to all HubSpot customers this week.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.  As more social media enhancements come this summer, we'll keep you posted. 

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