Three Steps to Creating Irresistible Marketing Offers

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Dolly Howard
Dolly Howard



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Creating marketing offers can be a daunting task. Where do you start? How do you know what, when and where to promote? How do you analyze the offer once it's done? While these questions can cause some of us to procrastinate, they are also a great start to hitching a ride to marketing offer heaven. 

What is included in an irresistible marketing offer?

Creating valuable marketing offers is the gateway to generating qualified leads. The term offer is extremely vague and leaves many of us asking "What the heck is an offer anyway?"  A strong, effective marketing offer will:

  • Provide your target audience with high quality, valuable content
  • Align with your business' products or services you offer
  • Target a specific persona at the right time in the buying cycle
  • Be rich with data to analyze your target audience

How do you create an irresistible marketing offer?

Step 1: Create content for your offer - Content comes in many different forms. You can use video, text, audio, or anything else that is of value to your target audience. If time is an issue, repackage what you currently have. Turn blog posts into ebooks, turn an ebook into a webinar, get creative. Any content that is of value to your target audience is content worth offering.

Step 2: Promote your offer - To promote your offer you will need to set goals. How many leads are you expecting to get from this offer? How many leads do you expect will become customers? Once your goals are in place you will be able to tailor the copy on your offer's landing page to target the appropriate audience. Once your landing page is completed you can then start promoting your offer via social media, blog posts, paid campaigns, and by comarketing, or promoting your offer through other marketing outlets that already exist in your plan. For example, you could promote your offer through a webinar that is being done before your new offer goes live. Remember that you should be promoting your offer to target persona this would benefit most.

Step 3: Analyze your offer - Analyzing your offer will help you identify which types and topics of offers are successful in generating leads and customers. In turn, you can create more offers around those topics or in those formats. Refer back to your initial goals. What were you trying to accomplish with this offer. Key components to analyze are: views, click through rate, leads, new leads, customers, and quantity overall.  If your goals were not met, dig in deeper into your offer. Was the offer hitting the proper pain point of your target audience? Was it promoted to the appropriate audience? Of the leads you did get, what do you notice? Are those leads in alignment with your goals? All of these questions will help you develop stronger and stronger offers over time.

Completing these three steps will ensure a solid start to creating a marketing offer. For more information about creating marketing offers, attend the How to Create Irresistible Marketing Offers webinar in September 2012.



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