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Sarah Bedrick
Sarah Bedrick



How are you doing with your inbound marketing? Are you knocking it out of the park? Are you the envy of all your friends? Do strangers stop to compliment you on your conversion rates? Does your mom carry around a picture of your latest landing page to show off to her pals?

Maybe it’s time to share it with the rest of the class.

Submit examples of your best work -- along with the numbers to prove how well your work is working -- and we’ll feature the best submissions on HubSpot Academy. Customer Examples help other inbound marketers get a better grip on what’s working to attract site visitors, convert visitors into leads, close leads into customers, and delight customers into promoters. They serve as inspiration and creative fodder for us all, and give you a chance to strut your stuff among your peers.

We're specifically looking for great examples of:

  • Buyer personas

  • Keyword strategies

  • Blog posts

  • Calls to action

  • Landing pages

  • Thank you pages

  • Email campaigns or templates

  • Lead nurturing workflows

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Segmentation strategies

  • Social media campaigns

Submit your best work today to:

  • Join the ranks of other top marketers around the HubSpot community

  • Promote the latest inbound marketing best practices

  • Get featured in HubSpot training classes, #InboundLearning webinars, HubSpot blog posts, and more

  • Enjoy some killer inbound linkage to your website

Here’s how to submit:

  1. Identify your best work.

  2. Gather quantitative evidence of your above-average results

  3. Submit your example(s) with links and attachments to our Examples Board for approval. 

And that's it! Nothing succeeds like success, so let your hard work do the talking for you. Submit your examples of great marketing today!

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