How to Use HubSpot & Social Media Together [New #InboundLearning Webinar Series]

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Christopher LoDolce
Christopher LoDolce



seomoz hubspot infographic social media usage 2012Why use social media in your marketing strategy? This question has been answered 322 million ways to date. No seriously, Google it if you don't believe us. Even the slowest adopting executive teams and industries are beginning to create accounts on the major platforms and starting to engage prospects, leads, and even customers via social media.

The debate as to "if" social media should be part of a companies marketing strategy is long over. The questions we marketers have now are:

  • Which social networks to use
  • How much to use them
  • How to best use the networks to support our businesses
  • What type of content we should publish 
  • What results we should expect 
  • How we should track our results 

HubSpot's new three-part #InboundLearning Webinar series in March is dedicated to answering these questions. We'll provide you the direction you need as to which of the top three social networks (LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter) will be most beneficial for your company, and how to use them to the best result. Learn how to most efficiently manage HubSpot's social media tools for listening, sharing, and analyzing your social media activities.

How are you currently using social media marketing in each phase of the Inbound Marketing Methodology?

Using LinkedIn for Lead Conversion & Customer Delight

On March 12, #InboundLearning will begin to explore how to use LinkedIn for attracting visitors and converting them into leads -- and then delighting your customers once you have closed them as customers. We'll cover how some companies have used the ability to share blog posts, offers, and comments in LinkedIn groups -- while tracking the results in HubSpot -- through the intriguing Velocities customer success story. 

Register for the three-part #InboundLearning series in March.

Applying Facebook to B2B & B2C Marketing

March 19 will be a deep dive into Facebook, including why your B2B or B2C company should have a presence on Facebook -- even if it is not your primary method of engagement with your audience. Ensure that your Facebook activities are meeting your desired results, whether it's brand awareness and engagement, attracting visitors, closing leads, delighting customers, or a combination of all of the above. Learn how to manage your interactions within HubSpot and track your ROI. 

Register for the three-part #InboundLearning series in March. 

Incorporating Twitter into your Inbound Marketing

Spend an hour with HubSpot's social media manager on March 23 and you'll learn how to incorporate Twitter into your Inbound Marketing. Twitter isn't just for posting links to your blog posts. It can and should be used for engaging and delighting both leads and customers. Are you currently tracking which leads are engaging with you on Twitter? 

Register for the three-part #InboundLearning series in March. 

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