Introducing Workflow Goals: A Clear Framework For Building Your Campaigns

Jeffrey Russo
Jeffrey Russo



describe the imageHave you ever been left wondering whether your lead nurturing or marketing automation campaigns are actually succeeding at helping you meet your goals? Or have you ever started building a campaign, but been left wondering what the campaign should contain, and when or how the campaign ends?

Workflow Goals, a new feature of HubSpot's Workflows tool, will help you answer all of these questions. It's now live to all Professional and Enterprise customers.

Workflow Goals adds a step to the process of setting up your workflow. In addition to choosing the starting list that controls who enters your workflow, you'll now set a goal for your workflow by choosing a segment that your workflow is designed to drive contacts toward. For example, if your workflow is a lead nurturing campaign, your goal might be to turn those leads into marketing qualified leads, or even customers. 

workflow goals

When you choose a goal for your campaign (it's optional, by the way), the campaign stops immediately for individual contacts who complete the goal. At that point, you may choose to put those contacts into another, more specific campaign, send them to your sales team, or take some other action with them.

Start with the end in mind, and know if your campaigns are actually working.

The Goals feature in Workflows is designed to help you organize and build your campaigns based on the single most important thing - the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve. When you "start with the end in mind" in building a campaign, it's also easier to imagine and map out the right kind of content to help you meet those goals.

Another great benefit of selecting a goal list for your campaign is that it makes tracking the performance of your campaign easy. By tracking the number of contacts in your goal list, it's easy to understand if your campaign is actually driving your contacts to meet the campaign's ultimate goal.

Try Workflow Goals Today

Workflow Goals is now live for all Professional and Enterprise customers. You can try it yourself by creating a new workflow, or editing an existing workflow - you'll see the option to set a goal right below the option to select your starting condition when creating your campaign. Need a refresher on creating a workflow? Check out the help documentation here or attend the Workflows class from HubSpot Academy.

Not yet a HubSpot customer? Learn more about Workflows and Request a Demo of Hubspot today.

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