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Juliette Kopecky
Juliette Kopecky



HubSpot Android App Nexus 4 SourcesHubSpot is excited to announce the newest addition to the mobile family -- HubSpot for Android. We know that your life as a marketer is hectic, and your phone is your trusted companion through the chaos. You need apps that can keep up with you, allowing you to stay connected to important data and the lifeblood of your business -- leads. HubSpot’s mobile app does just that. You’ll be able to easily view and manage your marketing efforts on the go with our powerful, integrated app. You’ll get mobile-friendly versions of your most important apps: Dashboard, Sources, Contacts, and Grader. Never again be away from your most important marketing data.

This app gives you the power to keep up with your most important marketing activities, and allows you to harness the power of HubSpot in a simple, easy-to-use interface that was designed to help you see how your marketing is performing and take decisive action.

  • Track your current month’s progress for generating visits and leads, comparing it to the last month, the average of the last 3 months, or this month last year. You’ll immediately know where you stand relative to your goals.
  • Analyze which marketing campaigns for your site, blog, social media accounts, and email campaigns are producing the best results. You’ll be able to track how your latest offer is performing across channels.
  • Stay up to date on marketing changes. Run detailed Marketing Grader reports to analyze your marketing funnel and track your competitors. You’ll received detailed recommendations for improving your marketing to leave them in the dust.

Take action on your leads faster by viewing valuable lead intelligence and connecting with them instantly.

  • Get push notifications for new leads as they come in. Faster follow-ups lead to better connect rates and more deals closed.
  • Easily review and forward leads to your sales reps. You’ll see all the valuable lead intelligence for your contacts, allowing you to determine which leads need immediate attention.
  • Contact your leads immediately. Email or call your leads with the push of the button. Faster follow-ups lead to better connect rates and more deals closed.

Download HubSpot’s Android app today to stay connected with your marketing world from anywhere. (If you're an iPhone user, you can download our HubSpot iPhone app here.)

HubSpot Android App Download
Note: All current HubSpot paid customers will be able to analyze the most important data from their account - Dashboard, Sources, Contacts and Grader. Non-customers will be able to create and access their Marketing Grader report to get a detailed analysis of their marketing performance.

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