The Past, Present and Future of SEO [#InboundLearning Webinar Series]

Paul Schmidt
Paul Schmidt



465868860 b533463386For the majority of companies I work with, improving their SEO is a common goal. Approaching this goal takes a multi-disciplined skill set that includes: analyzing data, doing keyword research, creating content, building relationships, performing on-page optimization, and much more.

However, regardless of what approach I take to meet these SEO goals, I always ask, “How can I simultaneously delight my customer and influence search engine algorithms?”

Thankfully, search engines have made significant strides by rewarding sites that:

  1. Provide a great user experience
  2. Consistently create remarkable content that resonates with their community/industry

From Hummingbird to SSL encryption (aka Keyword Not Provided), and from Panda to Penguin, the evolution of SEO has baffled marketers for years.   What seems like best practice one day, can change to a black hat practice the next. How can we, as marketers, stay up to date on the latest subtleties in changes to search engine algorithms and SEO best practices?

As marketers, not only are we expected to understand how search affects our bottom line, but we are also expected to teach our company how search efforts are supposed to scale across social media, different devices (for example, across mobile, tablet, or desktop), brick and mortar (if applicable), and our overall content strategy.

Sound daunting? Let’s simplify this.  Your past SEO efforts are reflected in your current analytics: do you like what you see? Is this the same picture you want hanging on your wall in 2014? This is precisely the question in the upcoming Inbound Learning series: The Past, Present and Future of SEO. In this 3 part webinar series, we’ll give you a set of actionable strategies for how to approach your SEO past, present, and future.  Each webinar will dive into link building, social media, content strategy, local, and technical SEO tools and tactics.

In this 3 part series, you’ll learn:

Part 1: Cleaning up your SEO Ghosts:

  • How to audit your SEO assets and liabilities
  • How to diagnose a Google penalty or other algorithm updates

Part 2: The New Rules of SEO

  • What’s working right in SEO now
  • What should and shouldn’t be a part of your current SEO strategy

Part 3: Preparing for the Future of SEO

  • How to maximize your search authority through local, mobile, social and linkworthy content
  • How to plan your SEO calendar for 2014

We hope your can join Drew Wallace, Mark Kilens and myself this November to take your SEO to the next level.

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