Connect Your Front and Back Office Data with New Accounting Extensions

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Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards


Now you can integrate your accounting system with HubSpot CRM using the HubSpot accounting extension API. You can also use one of the four apps already built using the accounting extension API, including HubSpot-built apps for QuickBooks Online and NetSuite, as well as third-party apps for Xero and Nubox.

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When you use the accounting extension API to connect your accounting system with HubSpot, you get a suite of standard out-of-the box functionality including the ability to:

  • Create an invoice from a quote or a deal in HubSpot, then send that info to the connected accounting system
  • See select invoice data in HubSpot
  • Associate existing invoices with a HubSpot contact, company, or deal
  • Associate tax codes to products
  • Sync multiple currencies
  • Sync contacts into HubSpot from your accounting system
Use the new invoice deal property to trigger workflows, build lists, or create reports
Create an Invoice screen with options "from quote" or "from scratch"

It’s not only important for you to have a full view of your business in one place — it’s also important for your customers’ experience with your company to be delightful from beginning to end. Unfortunately, many companies don’t connect their front office customer data with the back office, leaving your customers with a disjointed, less-than-optimal experience.

Now with the accounting extension API, you can connect your back office accounting systems to HubSpot and tie invoice data to your daily marketing and sales efforts.

At HubSpot, we know connecting your back office and front office data is critical to delighting your customers while growing your business. That’s why we created this API — to empower you and our global partners to build custom solutions that work best for you and your business — no matter the accounting system that you use.

Invoice Status, marked overdue in red

Create a New Invoice in HubSpot & Add Existing Invoices

The accounting extension API comes with out-of-the-box functionality to create an invoice in HubSpot and send that data to the connected accounting system. This includes:

  • Contact and product matching
  • Line-item editing
  • Description
  • Unit price
  • Discounting
Invoice Review screen

You can also create an invoice directly within HubSpot via a HubSpot quote or deal and associate historical invoices to a HubSpot contact, company, or deal. Global companies will also be able to associate tax codes to products and sync multiple currencies. You can also sync contacts from your accounting system to HubSpot. The six contact properties that will be updated are:

  • Email
  • Fax number
  • First name
  • Last name
  • Mobile phone number
  • Phone number

Trigger Workflows, Build Lists, and Create Reports with New Invoice Deal Properties

This update also introduces an all-new “invoice” deal property in HubSpot. That means you can trigger workflows, run reports, and target lists based on the invoice deal property.

For example, create a workflow that sends a follow-up email to customers who have not paid their invoices by the due date. Or, build a workflow that sends a celebratory Slack message to your team each time you collect a payment. If you’re a sales rep, you want to make sure the deals you close actually end up bringing money into the company. You could use the invoice deal properties to create custom reports so you (and your management) have full visibility into the income you’re bringing into the business.

The new invoice deal properties include:

  • Invoice amount billed
  • Invoice recipient
  • Invoice number
  • Invoice status
  • Invoice due date

All the features above are available in the accounting extension API.

Premier Accounting Apps

In addition to the accounting extension API, you can also use one of the four apps already built using the API:

    • QuickBooks Online: Built by HubSpot, this app is now live and includes all of the functionality available for the accounting extension API outlined above.
    • NetSuite: Built by HubSpot, this app is now in public beta and includes the ability to sync NetSuite contacts into HubSpot and add existing NetSuite invoices into HubSpot.
  • Xero: Built by Xero, this app is now live and can create Xero invoices within HubSpot, send contacts from Xero to HubSpot, and more.
  • Nubox: Built by Nubox, this app is now live and can add existing Nubox invoices into HubSpot.

Quickbooks Online Contact Sync screen
The accounting extension API is now live and available in all languages for HubSpot users and developers. For individual apps, please see app listing pages in the HubSpot App Marketplace for more details on required products or tiers of HubSpot necessary for use.

Check out this Academy lesson to learn more about using your accounting software with HubSpot.

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