Hiring HubSpot Academy Certified Freelancers? Here's Where to Find Them

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Eric Peters
Eric Peters



HubSpot customers come in all shapes and sizes. If there's one constant among them, it's that they're growing like crazy. HubSpot was built on the principle that as long as we do everything we can to make our customers brilliantly successful, we will grow right alongside them. That's why we're teaming up with Upwork to make growing a little bit easier.

With growth, comes new challenges.

As your company grows, you'll have the opportunity to expand your team and take on bigger initiatives. Freelancers can be extremely valuable assets for HubSpot customers, as they provide flexibility in supporting organizational growth.

Maybe you're finding that too much time is spent editing blog posts or designing ebooks and you'd like to hire a freelancer to pitch in just a few hours per week. Maybe you aren't quite ready for a full-time web developer, so you need a HubSpot COS Designer to fill in that gap. Freelancers help fill those gaps, and that's why HubSpot Academy is working with Upwork to certify more freelancers and make them easier to find.

HubSpot Customers save $500 on their first Upwork Pro talent search.  

We're Teaming Up with Upwork

image2016-8-19_10-50-47.pngIf you've been awarded a HubSpot Academy certification lately, you might have noticed an new button that allows you to send your certification information to Upwork. Upwork is the world's largest freelance community, offering companies a convenient way to find freelance talent, and freelancers a convenient way to find work.

That "Add to Upwork" button allows our thousands of certified professionals to verify that they are actively HubSpot Academy certified (don't forget to renew your certifications!) and showcase their certifications on their Upwork profile. (*Note that this button verifies your active certification, but you must also add the certification to your profile in Upwork.)

We've teamed up with Upwork to make hiring HubSpot Academy certified writers, marketers, and HubSpot COS designers easier. To welcome HubSpot customers and partners into the community, the team at Upwork Pro is waiving $500 off your first talent search if you hire before 12/31/2016. 



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