How to Get Hired for Remote Inbound Marketing Jobs With the Help of HubSpot Academy Education [Customer Story]

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Aditi Mishra
Aditi Mishra



Do you think sitting in an office is the only way to work? Think again. Turns out, there are plenty of remote inbound marketing jobs you can do from pretty much anywhere — and HubSpot Academy is here to help you get started.  

Still not convinced on this whole “remote work” thing? Well, about 70% of global employees work at least once a week in remote setups. From programmers to testers to designers to accountants, there’s remote opportunity in almost every industry. Plus, the range of remote jobs is not limited to certified technical skill sets.

Opportunities related to inbound digital marketing are also on the rise. Due to the surge in internet marketing, you can apply skills in these areas to a wide range of industries.

In this article, I’ll share my own experience of remote working and how HubSpot Academy can help you build skills toward a remote inbound marketing career.


Why You Should Consider Remote Inbound Marketing Jobs

As someone who quit a corporate career a decade ago, I cannot stress enough how fortunate I’ve been. I turned into a remote inbound marketing professional. That career shift boosted my earnings as well as my work-life balance. 

As a remote inbound marketing professional, I’m earning more money than I did in my non-remote corporate job. Plus, I’ve garnered more respect and confidence. All these perks were more difficult for me to achieve in my 9 to 5 office job. And what’s even better is that I have time to work on my hobbies, too. In fact, I spend more time vacationing than working as a remote digital marketer!

With all that said, let’s take a closer look at some of the perks of remote working:



Due to the task-oriented nature of remote inbound marketing jobs, there’s a lot more flexibility and autonomy in the work day. There’s less importance placed on scheduling adherence and commuting logistics. What’s more important is on-time delivery of the project at hand.


Widening scope

Every new project in a new industry widens your scope of knowledge. You’re getting exposure to new fields, new tasks, and new challenges. This contributes to a holistic understanding of various industry sectors.

If it weren’t for my work experience as a remote inbound marketer, I would’ve never known about the workings of industries that don’t even exist in my homeland.

I credit digital marketing for expanding my horizons and making me a more informed and aware individual.


Boost in earnings

Most remote freelancers are either paid per project or per hour. Working on three to five projects a month can bring in enough money to compete with a regular paycheck. For instance, a remote email expert role can be quite lucrative. Plus, the work doesn’t always require a daily 9 to 5 commitment. Thus, a competent inbound email expert can pick up two to three projects. This is certainly a way to earn more than picking up the same job through a traditional route.

So now that you know some perks of remote work, you’re probably curious about the type of areas you could go into. Let’s dive into that!


Remote Job Opportunities for Inbound Marketing Professionals

Remote inbound and digital marketing job functions typically require a computer and reliable internet — no desk needed! The location of the employee is of little to no significance.

When remote work is done right, the employer and the employee can coordinate from different physical locations without any lag in the quality or the deadline of the job.

While digital marketing is a general term with a lot of sub-functions, a broad description of a digital marketing job may include:

  • Creating digital content: writing blog posts, filming videos, or creating infographics, podcasts, ebooks, etc.
  • Managing social media: creating daily social media posts and sponsored content, promoting events, building out a company social strategy, etc.
  • Generating sales: developing an inbound marketing-enabled sales strategy, generating affiliate sales, reaching out to prospects and generating leads, etc.

Depending on the scope of the work, a single employee could potentially handle one or more of these functions remotely. 


How to Ensure That You Get Hired for Remote Inbound Marketing Positions

Before pursuing a remote career on your own, keep in mind that it’s not for everyone. Remote work, especially freelancing, requires a strong mindset. Apart from the specialized qualifications, as a remote inbound marketer, you must have an inbound approach towards work.

What does that mean?

It means that regardless of the marketing situation, you must think in terms of applying inbound principles to each project you take on.

To achieve that mindset and work approach, HubSpot’s here to help. Here are some ways to get started: 


Binge read the HubSpot Academy User Blog

The HubSpot Academy User Blog is one of the best resources on the web to learn the nuances of inbound marketing. While HubSpot Academy aims to educate and inspire people, the blog is an extension of that, meant to give you the education you need to find success with the HubSpot software and inbound strategies.

The content on the blog helps in improving the experience of the end user. It also has various customer stories so that HubSpot users can educate and inspire other HubSpot users with their own stories of success.

In a nutshell, this blog introduces you to an inbound marketing mindset, which is essential for remote marketing work.


Learn from HubSpot Case Studies

The true test of knowledge is to apply it to a real-life situation. That’s why I’m a huge fan of HubSpot case studies.

These case studies cover a wide range of industries and organizations. They also demonstrate how inbound marketing can bring positive changes and help you and your company grow better.

Chances are, one or many case studies will resonate with your own project. As a result, you can use insights from these case studies in your own remote projects.


Get certified with HubSpot Academy 

Knowledge and experience sound better with a professional certification. That is how HubSpot Academy certifications zoom an ordinary resume to exceptional heights.

My HubSpot Academy certifications not only got me remote job opportunities, but they’re also the reason I could hike my remuneration with confidence.

The respect that a HubSpot certification badge earns for your resume is exemplary.

In particular, the following HubSpot Academy certifications can boost an inbound marketing profile:

The bonus good news is that these certification courses are free of cost. That leaves no excuse not to spend the time acquiring knowledge in these areas.

And if you’re not ready to commit the time to complete a certification course, there are plenty of shorter HubSpot Academy lessons where you can acquire knowledge in smaller bites.


Final Thought

Remote work has its perks. In particular, remote inbound marketing work is beneficial and rewarding in today’s digital marketing space. There are a lot of job opportunities in this sector where you can put your creativity and skills to good use.

While a desk in an office is still the norm, there are resources from HubSpot that can train anyone to excel in remote inbound marketing roles. From a relevant content-rich blog to industry-standard certifications, HubSpot has you covered so that you can ace your career in this digital marketing era. A HubSpot education coupled with a willingness to learn and excel can lift your career to new heights—it certainly has for me. 

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