How to Scale Your Business While Keeping Your Customers Happy

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Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards


Regardless of whether a rep is selling, providing service, or managing an account, they are in a constant cycle of gathering information, engaging with prospects or customers, and logging next steps. And you know what? Sales reps have one of the toughest jobs. They face rejection daily, answer objections regularly, and have to be efficient with their time — all while building genuine relationships with prospects. 

A picture of a woman wearing a headset, sitting at a desk in front of a desktop and laptop screen, looking through webpages and documents.

This cycle happens millions of times a day across the HubSpot customer base. And through it all, we at HubSpot want to make sure your software works for you, not against you — because your tools should be empowering, not overpowering.

Being a sales rep can be challenging without having the right powerful, easy-to-use tools at your side. With these new updates for reps, HubSpot is taking the busy work out of the picture so reps can focus on what they do best — personalizing every interaction and creating excellent customer experiences.




Keep Your Customer Front and Center

Navigate with Ease

Keep the most important information front and center with the latest update to deal boards and ticket boards in HubSpot. Previously, the three properties displayed on each deal card (name, amount, close date), or ticket card (name, status, owner) stayed the same, no matter what.

With this beta for Sales or Service Hub users (Starter and above), admins can customize two secondary properties for all users in a portal using property settings. Secondary properties can be changed to reflect deal or ticket information that is single select, a date, or a value (number, calculation, or score). Even better? You can also now customize properties on CRM record association cards for all objects.

Screenshot of board card editor within HubSpot

Streamline the look of your deal or ticket boards with a new compact card style, now live and available to all. With this update, you can see more records on the board as the secondary card properties move up to one line. You can also choose to hide associated record avatars to save even more space.

Screenshot of card editor within HubSpot

Board cards aren't the only thing to get streamlined. We've also introduced a more compact look and feel to the contact timeline.

Now in private beta are a number of updates to the activity timeline that compact more valuable data into a glanceable space. Changes include collapsable timeline activities, new highlight cards that take up less vertical space, removing the right-side collapsing carrot, and streamlined associations cards — all giving reps more valuable data above the fold. It is now easier than ever for reps to scan the timeline for the activities they are looking for.

Screenshot of a glanceable contact record within HubSpot

Released last fall to all HubSpot users, the new tasks home gives your reps a personalized command center with all of their tasks, meetings, engagements, and CRM details in one place. No more clicking back and forth between different tools. Now reps can track prospects, scale outreach, and build relationships with ease.

Having more relevant data in view not only reduces scrolling and click-effort, it also gives you the quick overview you need to manage your workflows — all at a glance.


Stay Focused on What Matters

As your company grows and new sales or services pipelines are added to your operations, it’s easy for reps to get confused by the overwhelming amount of data at their fingertips. You want to keep your reps focused on their specific product line, offering, or territory, without being distracted by pipelines that aren’t related to them. 

Screenshot of access permissions for pipeline access within HubSpot

With new pipeline permissions, now in beta for Sales or Service Hub Professional or above, admins can restrict pipeline access for deals and tickets in pipeline settings in five key areas: the record card, create record sidebar, pipeline switcher view, filters view, and record review. More control for admins and managers over the data teams can access, means more efficiency for your reps, and ultimately, a better experience for your customers.

Now available to all HubSpot users is the ability to get quick insights on deal or ticket status with the new inactive board card styling which grays out cards that have been inactive for a customizable number of days or weeks.

Screenshot of grayed-out contact records


Find Your Data Where You Need It, When You Need It

Now live for all HubSpot users is a new and improved way of associating Gmail or O365 emails with HubSpot records. When drafting your emails in the sales client, you can now use a dropdown menu to choose the records you want to associate that email with in HubSpot. Later on, when you check HubSpot, the email log will be waiting for you exactly where you expect to see it. Get ready to save yourself some valuable time and win the hearts of your admins with a cleaner CRM association.

Screenshot of an email with record-logging dropdown options selected

Of course you need to share meeting details, agenda items, and goals with your attendees, but it’s also important to have a place where your internal team can keep track of key details such as stakeholders and background context that would be irrelevant to other parties. Now live, reps using a bidirectional calendar sync have a place within a meetings activity on a record timeline to log internal-only notes.

Screenshot of internal-only notes log within HubSpot

Sometimes it's necessary for you to remove the email address from an existing contact — maybe it’s an inactive email, or maybe you entered it wrong (oops!). Previously, there was no way to delete an email address in HubSpot. With this update, all HubSpot users now have the ability to remove email addresses from contact records, whenever needed.


Access From Anywhere

Available for iOS and Android, the HubSpot mobile app puts all of your favorite sales tools and CRM insights right at your fingertips. With the HubSpot mobile keyboard, released last fall, you can access your meeting links, snippets, documents, and quotes from any app, anytime. And the latest updates make it even easier for sales reps to get work done on the move. 

With the Today view, reps get a personalized command center. This view can act as a single source of truth for everything reps need to do today to reach success — all in one single tab. Reps can work through sales activities, follow up with prospects to set meetings, build pipelines, and close deals right from their phone. To help streamline sales workflows even further, reps can now make LinkedIn connection requests and send InMail tasks with one tap in the HubSpot Mobile app (requires Sales Hub Professional or Enterprise and a connected LinkedIn Sales Navigator account).

Android users can also now view, share, recall, or delete quotes from the HubSpot app, and access a new “attachments” tab on the contact, company, and deal record that lists all attachments — like pictures and files — that have been saved to engagements on that record’s timeline. These newest improvements will be coming soon to the HubSpot mobile app for iOS. 

Image of a mobile device with the screen open to a deal quote

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