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Tori Zopf
Tori Zopf



There are a few ways to objectively assess your company’s Inbound Marketing strategy: Are your customers downloading your eBooks? Are you providing enough MQLs to your Sales team?


Even still, it’s hard to know when you’re doing it right. And here at HubSpot, we try to help out by teaching you how to use the tools in our Knowledge Base and how to meet your goals with Academy Projects. We even offer personal assessments in Webinars with Academy Professors and one-on-one reviews with varying members of your HubSpot Account team.

But there’s one thing we haven’t done a great job on: allowing customers to compare themselves to other customers.

As an Implementation Specialist, I get questions from my customers all the time:

“What do your other customers do in this scenario?”

Can you send me an example of a high-performing EDU Landing Page?” 

Most of the time, I’m unable to share any examples. My other customers’ work is confidential. I can share templates, and find publicly available resources, and point my customers in the right direction to do this research themselves. Research takes time, and we hardly ever find an example that is wholly relevant to the situation at hand.

HubSpot Customer Examples

We’re making a commitment to revamp HubSpot Customer Examples. We hope that with this, the HubSpot Academy will be a one-stop shop for learning Inbound Marketing, mastering HubSpot, and maximizing returns on your marketing investments.

Haven’t seen Customer Examples yet? Head on over to the HubSpot Academy > Be Inspired > Examples. There, you’ll find Examples filtered by category of asset and business type. Looking for a landing page and how best to promote a demo of your software? Look no further.


You’ll also find best practices for each type of asset and benchmark data, so you can tell if your landing page is performing up to snuff.

Examples can also be found in the Academy’s other educational resources, particularly in Certifications.

Getting Involved

So, why am I here on the Academy blog telling you about all this?

In short: we need your help.

Customer Examples can’t be created by elves over here at HubSpot; they’re created by you, our amazing customers and Partners. We know you’re amazing because if you weren’t, we wouldn’t still be here today. If you didn’t collectively have millions of blog posts bringing in new top-of-the-funnel leads, and thousands of landing pages converting those leads, we’d have to bet you wouldn’t still be a customer, either.

All we’re asking is that you share your hard work with us and with the 15,000+ other HubSpot customers so they can benefit from your expertise. You can submit your Example here for the world to see.  

What are we looking for?

We’re looking for great examples of inbound marketing built in your HubSpot portal, like landing pages, emails, blog posts, and reports. We’re also looking for elements used to inform your inbound marketing strategy, like buyer personas and lead scoring rules.

What happens when you submit?

We’ll review your submission within 7-10 days to make sure it follows all best practices and meets other requirements. If not approved, we’ll send some suggestions on how to improve your Example. If approved, we’ll send you an email to let you know you can celebrate. Then, we’ll build out your example and post it to the HubSpot Academy. We’ll send another email so you can tell everyone you know.

Have thoughts about how we can make Examples a better resource for you?

We’re all ears. Let us know your ideas or ask your questions here in the comments.

Remember, only you can help the HubSpot Academy continue to provide high-quality Inbound Marketing Examples. Submit your example today and make HubSpot Customer Examples a great resource for you and the rest of the Inbound community.


Special thanks to Mojo Media Labs in Dallas, TX, for submitting their landing page to HubSpot Academy Customer Examples!

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