What is HubSpot Training Day at INBOUND 2017 and Why Attend?

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Tickets are now live for the annual HubSpot Training Day @ INBOUND event.

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This year's event features eight half-day workshop sessions focused on helping you and your team get the most out of using your HubSpot software with inbound strategies. 

Here's everything you need to know about attending.

Whether you’re a solo marketer, a marketing or sales manager, or a CEO, these sessions will connect you with valuable content in a format that enables success. The activities and exercises woven into the sessions will introduce you to new concepts and help you immediately apply them to your business, enabling you to capitalize on all your newfound knowledge.

Our trainings are lead and assisted by leaders on our HubSpot services team. With no more than 10 attendees per facilitator, this is the best HubSpotter-to-attendee ratio you’ll find.

And while we’ve helped to educate and inspire thousands of HubSpot marketing software customers in the past, we're now opening up HubSpot Training Day @ INBOUND to all HubSpot users, whether you’re attending INBOUND or not.

INBOUND is the place to gain inspiration and develop your network, and HubSpot Training Day at INBOUND is the best place to gain hands-on software training from the experts.

What is HubSpot Training Day at INBOUND?

HubSpot Training Day at INBOUND takes place on the first day of INBOUND 2017 (Monday, September 25) with eight half-day trainings designed to provide HubSpot users with a deeper, hands-on approach to learning about a particular inbound practice.

This is an opportunity for users and customers to learn from HubSpot experts with workshop-style activities to help them execute their learnings with the support of HubSpot facilitators and expert trainers in the room.

Who Should Attend?

HubSpot users who are attending INBOUND 2017, or HubSpot users who live in the Boston area or are willing to travel for accelerated hands-on training.

If you’re in the Boston area, you can also join INBOUND 2017 by getting Inbound certified. While supplies last, people with an active Inbound Certification get a free Community Pass to attend INBOUND 2017 keynotes, networking events, happy hours, and more. Sign up here and start your certifications today.

Why Attend?

You should attend if you want to expand your HubSpot software knowledge with half-day, hands-on software training.

Each session is workshop-style learning with activities and exercises integrated throughout — focused on helping you get more insights, quicker.

Plus, not only is this a great way to learn from other HubSpot users, but the ratio of attendee to HubSpot expert is something our attendees rave about each year.

What Sessions are Available?

Learn the fundamentals of becoming a business that attracts customers instead of pushing business your way with our introduction to the Inbound Methodology course. Or, learn how to develop a framework for your company’s content strategy from HubSpot’s expert Justin Champion. Learn how to build a brand with social media or generate more leads from effective conversion rate optimization.

Check out the full descriptions of each half-day workshop.

What Did Last Year’s Attendees Think?

Want to have light bulb moment after light bulb moment? Or want to improve your marketing skills in a specific area? That’s exactly what our attendees said they gained from last year’s trainings, and more. Check out some of last year’s testimonials below.

"This session was amazing. I got my team working on stuff before I even left the session."

"The content presented in the training EXCEEDED my expectations."

“I am confident in my ability to put what I learned today into action upon returning to my office — CAN'T WAIT TO IMPLEMENT!"

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