INBOUND 2020: New Service Tools to Delight Customers at Scale

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Ryan Batter
Ryan Batter


A service software that delights your customers? Or a service software that maximizes efficiency? How to choose?

Text reading: What's new in the HubSpot product?

In today’s environment, this shouldn’t be a trade-off you have to make. And with HubSpot’s Service Hub, you don’t have to decide on one and only one.

This year, our customer service software features a brand new set of tools — logged-in visitor identification, multi-language knowledge base, enhanced help desk automation, advanced team management, and more — to help you delight customers, efficiently. 

For a deeper look at what’s new in Service Hub, read on:


Tools to Scale your Support Operations

Advanced Team Management

Team management view with red arrows pointing to areas with labels Toggle chat status, Filter your team here, and Manage inbox access here

With the new Team Management View in Conversations, managers can now quickly view and manage agent permissions, status, and availability for live chat across their team — all in one place. Prior to the introduction of this functionality, only individual users could control their specific availability statuses. When a user forgot to set the right status, it hurt the live chat experience for customers. Now, admins and super admins have more visibility and control over their teams’ statuses, greatly improving the customer chat experience.

This feature applies to all products and plans.

Enhanced Help Desk Automation

Dropdown menus to configure offline bot

New out-of-the-box service automation tools make sure you and your team never miss a beat. With new custom bot templates, you can now turn to an automated bot to manage common Service interactions like answering FAQs or informing a visitor of your business hours. You can even create your own bot from scratch.

Visual of ticket status automation flow

And new ticket status automation lets you use automated workflows to trigger actions when tickets reach a certain status, like sending an email from the conversations inbox when a ticket is first created or closed. This means you can send consistent, proactive communications to your customers throughout all ticket stages through reliable automation — this will give you peace of mind, knowing your customers are getting the right experience at scale.

Ticket status automation applies to the Professional and Enterprise plans in Service Hub. Advancements to bot templates now apply to all products and plans. 

Multi-language Knowledge Base (Beta)

Prompt to translate your knowledge base by selecting "Add language"

Ready to take self-service to the next level? You can now create and manage a multi-language knowledge base from inside of HubSpot, making it easy to provide resources to your customers in their preferred language. With 25 languages available, you can translate existing knowledge base articles to create multiple language variations of the content. 

Add the languages you want to use in your knowledge base in your settings (Settings >> Service >> Knowledge Base). The languages selected will then appear as options for any Knowledge Base article. Simply translate the article and supercharge your global presence in minutes.

This feature applies to the Professional and Enterprise plans in Service Hub.


Tools to Unite Teams and Channels

JIRA Integration

Image of Jira - Associate Jira issue dropdown menuWith an all-new HubSpot-built native JIRA integration, service agents can create Jira issues from a ticket record, attach an existing Jira issue to a ticket, and automate and report on tickets using the Workflows tool. The integration features a bi-directional sync between HubSpot and Jira, enabling front-line support teams to stay in constant collaboration with their engineering and development teams. And more visibility across teams means a more frictionless experience for customers.

This feature applies to all products and plans.

Logged-in Visitor Identification

Image depicting in-text descriptionIf you have a login feature — whether on a HubSpot-hosted page or an external site — you can now automatically identify visitors who are logged in when they chat with your team. This means that you will immediately see a visitor’s chat history and contact record alongside the message in the inbox. You'll have a complete record of past conversations this visitor has had with your team. With more context, you can respond faster and more personally, delivering a better customer experience. 

Better yet, you can combine logged-in visitor identification with the targeting capabilities of live chat to further tailor when and where you surface live chat options to site visitors. If you have limited chat resources and want to reserve the chat option for current customers, you can do so with logged-in visitor identification. Or, if you have automatic chatbots set up on your site, you can now set targeting rules to not show bots to customers who are logged in. 

This feature applies to the Professional and Enterprise plans for all products.

Ticket Sidebar in Inbox

Ticket sidebar as displayed in inbox

When responding to conversations in the inbox, there is now a dedicated ticket view that surfaces any ticket associated with that conversation. You can use the contextual information about the associated ticket, contact, and past conversations to inform your response to the contact's inquiry.

Want to adjust the information you see? You can customize the contact and ticket properties surfaced to meet your needs.

This feature applies to all products and plans.

Conversation Forwarding (Beta)

Support inbox screen with dropdown for forwarding a conversation with options

Many growing companies use multiple inboxes (e.g., marketing, sales, support, customer success) to communicate with their customers. These teams often collaborate together to serve a customer issue or query, but before the introduction of this feature, there was no way for teams to hand off a conversation from one inbox to another. With conversation forwarding, you will now be able to move the conversations between inboxes. Once you select the option to move a conversation to a new inbox, it will appear in the new inbox in the unassigned view. 

This feature applies to the Professional and Enterprise plans for all products. Note: The portal must have >1 inbox for this option to show up in the product.

Tools to Power Proactive Service

Knowledge Base Single Sign-on (Beta)

As your digital offerings expand over time, you may find that managing user credentials and access becomes cumbersome for your company and confusing for the customer. 

The introduction of single sign-on to the knowledge base means that you can now manage authentication, registration, and access to your company's restricted content on the HubSpot platform through a third-party SSO solution. The result? Lower friction and higher engagement from your customers.

Enhanced Reporting Dashboards (Beta)

Service Reporting Dashboard with five overview tiles

We have two big updates for you around reporting enhancements in Service Hub:

First, you can now report on ALL Conversations, including those that are not attached to a ticket. New single object reporting for Conversations means that you can now track and gather insights, like volume and response rates, and you can filter by inbox and chatflow type. New chat dashboards provide out-of-the-box reports to get you started. 

Second, reporting dashboards have new functionality. Service dashboards now include reporting metrics related to chat and Facebook Messenger. A new Email dashboard now makes it easy to report on emails — with no need for a ticket association. 

Custom Surveys (Beta)

With the new custom surveys tool you can create feedback surveys with custom questions of your choice. These include single-line text, smiley ratings, and number ratings. Customize your feedback surveys to gather more insightful feedback from your customers and delight them in even more ways. 

Send your survey out via email or embed them on your web page, then use our powerful automation to save time when gathering the feedback from your customers. 

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