Introducing Tasks Home, a New Command Center for Sales Reps

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Nathaniel Medina
Nathaniel Medina



The tools we use should help us deliver a better experience for our customers. But sadly, this isn’t always the case — especially if we look at CRMs.

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Although CRMs are supposed to give us accessible insights to deliver delightful customer experiences, they aren’t delivering on their original promise because they’re filled with friction.

According to HubSpot Research, 1 in 2 sales leaders say that their CRM is difficult to use. It’s no wonder why 1 in 3 CRM implementations fail due to unadopted sales tools and systems. Instead of streamlining your sales activities, CRMs can make you spend extra time managing software.

The friction from your software trickles down to your sales teams — especially if their tools don’t connect. How much time does it take for sales reps to switch between their inboxes, calendars, spreadsheets, notebooks, and CRM to provide helpful information to prospects and customers? Every extra click, page load, or tab switch adds minutes of time that could be used to close deals. Eventually, pressure from quota goals forces them to sacrifice customer relations to get things done. What if they didn't need to trade being helpful for being efficient?

Access Your Tasks in HubSpot

The reality is that reps don’t have an easy way to access the information they need since their tools don’t connect to provide a clear snapshot. As a result, reps spend more time managing their software and less time creating delightful buying experiences for prospects and recording insights. Ultimately, you get less reliable data in your CRM — and the cycle continues.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the Tasks app in HubSpot, a new home for sales reps. Every rep will get their own personalized command center to access everything they need to sell more efficiently and delight customers. With all of their tasks, meetings, engagements, and CRM details in one place, reps can consistently engage prospects throughout different phases of the sales cycle. No more scrambling between different tools — reps can keep track of their prospect touchpoints, scale their outreach efforts, and build personalized relationships with ease.

"Hubspot's new Task home has completely changed the way I work. I can easily set new tasks to remind myself when to make calls, send follow-ups, and track each deal stage as they progress. I no longer use multiple calendars or hundreds of sticky notes. The Tasks app has become my one and only dashboard to work from!"

- Lexi W.

A screenshot of the Tasks app dashboard

How It Works

Navigate to "Sales," and then "Tasks." There, you'll get access to the to-do sales activities created by yourself, your manager, HubSpot automation (like Workflows and Sequences), and HubSpot’s AI.

We’ve expanded upon the Tasks app by adding tools to help reps better manage their daily activities and the need to use different tools to figure out what to do next.

New and Improved Organization

Within the Tasks app, reps have a number of ways to prioritize and organize their sales activities. HubSpot provides standard activity views out-of-the-box but also enables reps to customize activity views to match their sales process. From any view, reps can filter by task type, priority, and prior engagement.

Create view featuring a "View name" box and a "Share view with users" box to add users

Task Queues

Today view enables reps to perform high-velocity selling by queueing up a rep’s tasks to flow efficiently from one to the next. Once they have their priority lists together, it's ready to go. From within task queues, reps can call and email prospects or do social touches on LinkedIn, all without ever leaving HubSpot. Every view can be turned into a queue by simply clicking the “Start Tasks” button.

Task queue as described in-text
GIF showing Task app queuing


Sales reps who integrate Google Suite or Office 365 will be able to embed their calendars into the Tasks app, easily look up prospects before an upcoming meeting, and launch directly into meetings without ever leaving HubSpot.

Calendar panel on right of Tasks app dashboard


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Live Feed

The highly-rated activity feed helps reps easily find the prospects who are engaging with them by opening emails, visiting web pages, or viewing sales collateral. Reps can reach out directly from there.

Live activity feed panel on right of Tasks app dashboard


Embedded reporting allows reps to easily track activity or pipeline progress and stay focused throughout the day.

Reports panel on right of Tasks app dashboard

Starting today, all Sales Hub users have access to the new Tasks app. We’re excited to see how sales reps utilize their Tasks home to provide helpful buying experiences.

“The Task app feature has been a gift to our account team. Prior to using HubSpot CRM, our sales team would use 'task reminders' on their phones, or through Google Calendar, but that only allowed the individual account team member to see their task. The Tasks app allows us to view our tasks in our CRM and work together to ensure the exceptional client experience we strive to give. And it is so easy to set or reschedule, if needed. It allows my team to 'live' in our CRM, which is exactly what I want as a sales manager.”

- Brian Butler, Sales Manager

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“The addition of the 'views' is my favorite part. Now, I assign views to all of my Tasks and simply focus on whichever view may be a priority for the day while still fulfilling my tasks in the 'Today' view. When I'm working ahead, another feature that has been very helpful is being able to search for tasks by date. Lastly, the option to view insights, feed, and schedule without having to go to another screen most definitely helps with efficiency.”

- Aida A. Siguenza, Account Manager

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If you’re a customer, check out the new Task app today.

You can also see your Today view on the HubSpot mobile app.

Then, learn how to get the most out of your Tasks home.

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