The Complete List of January 2019 Product Updates

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Lisa Edwards
Lisa Edwards



New year, new product updates. Take a break from your to do list and check out these HubSpot product updates. They were built with you in mind.

Check out the video below, along with written descriptions of each new update. Enjoy! 




What’s New in Marketing Hub?

Get Inspired with Topics, Subtopics, and Writing Prompts in the Optimization Sidebar

Being able to quickly create, edit and assign a topic and subtopic keyword helps you focus your content on what your customers are searching for. To expedite the process of creating and editing your topics while creating content, the SEO side panel in the content editor now lets you create new topics and subtopic keywords as well as edit the assigned topic or subtopic keyword directly. Plus, get a few writing prompts to help inspire your next great piece of content.

Content Suggestions-2

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Enjoy New Design Options for Externally Embedded Forms

Beautiful and engaging websites are essential to successful marketing; all the elements of the site, including your forms, need to stay on brand. Up until now, you were not able to control the look and feel of each individual embedded form separately. Now, we’ve taken this widely requested forms feature and made it a reality with more customization options than ever before.

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Heads Up - Content Strategy Now Called SEO

Marketers know that SEO is the core of a good inbound marketing strategy. As it stands today, we understand that it’s not easy to find where to “do SEO” in HubSpot. For this reason, we've renamed the content strategy tool to SEO. No functionality is changing, just the name and the navigation. This change will help bring simplicity and clarity to the tool that helps you get more traffic from organic search.

SEO Tool

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Make Forms Quickly with Form Templates

You’ll now be able to create a form quickly using templates. These templates are based off of popular form use cases such as an ebook download or an event registration form. With these templates, you can focus your time on more mission critical tasks, and rest assured that you are capturing the most pertinent information from your customers.

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Keep Track of Changes with Advanced Menu Revisions

Within the Advanced Menus tool, you can now see revisions to your site’s navigation tool in the same way you can view revisions to any other content asset within HubSpot.

As your company grows, you’ll naturally begin to have more and more people involved in creating, editing, and maintaining your website. As you add to your site, one of the most frequently changed things can often be your site’s navigation. In the past, there was no way for you to see when a change was made to your site’s navigation, and who might have made that change. With this update, it is now easier to pinpoint a specific change that was made, and switch between different versions of the same menu if needed.

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What’s New in Sales Hub?

Automate Your Sales Process with Quote-based Workflows

A study conducted by Forbes revealed that sales reps only spend 35% of their time selling. 65% of their time is dedicated to everything else — including tedious admin tasks and data entry. That’s not what Sales Hub is all about. Our primary goal is to build a frictionless and efficient tool that allows you to focus on what your do best: actually selling. Enter, quote-based workflows. This update empowers you to automatically close deals when a quote is signed or paid, notify reps about your wins via email or SMS, create tasks with next steps for relevant team members, send an external email to the customer with a receipt, and so much more.

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What’s New in Service Hub?

Support Form in Knowledge Base

Your knowledge base should be the first place your customers turn when they have a query regarding a product or service. In the cases where the customer is unable to find the information they require, they should not be left at a loss as to what to do next. You can now add support forms to your knowledge base articles so that your customers can raise tickets if they cannot find an answer to their question — which empowers your customers to reach out to you when they are unable to help themselves.

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What’s New in HubSpot CRM?

Enjoy Better Context with the New Record Design

Your HubSpot records — contacts, companies, deals, and tickets — are the backbone of your HubSpot account. They tie every other tool together, constantly absorbing new information about your prospects and helping you put that information to use to provide better experiences for your customers.

The next evolution of the HubSpot record is now available (via opt-in) in your HubSpot account. It’s a more streamlined version that makes it easier to access all the context you need to create better customer interactions, while maintaining its clarity and cleanliness. Plus, it’s got a ton of new functionality to boot.

New Contact Record-2

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Better Automate Deal, Company, and Ticket Processes with Workflow Re-Enrollment

Oftentimes, records need to go through a workflow only once. For example, If you're using a contact-based workflow to send lead nurturing emails, you wouldn't want a contact to get the same email twice. That's why re-enrollment criteria exist: you can decide when and how a record should be added to the workflow a second (or third) time.

Until today, re-enrollment criteria only existed for contact-based workflows. Now, you can now create re-enrollment criteria for all workflow types. That means less manual work and time back in your team's day.

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What Else is New in HubSpot?

Multiple Lead Scores for Professional and Enterprise Accounts

If you are an Enterprise customer in any HubSpot hub, you’ll be able to create up to 25 scoring properties for contacts. As an added bonus, if you are a Professional customer in any HubSpot hub, you can now create one score property (previously, only Marketing Hub Professional accounts had this capability).

Lead Scoring-1

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What’s New in HubSpot Connect?

Our HubSpot Connect integrations library is constantly growing to meet the unique needs of your business. We’ve launched a number of new integrations this month, like our integration with LeadGnome. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Want to connect with others on HubSpot tips, tricks, and updates? Head over to the HubSpot Community to join a conversation or start one of your own.

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