The Complete List of July 2018 Product Updates

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Jacqueline Renzi
Jacqueline Renzi



Summer has arrived, along with a number of exciting product updates that we think you'll just love. 

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Here's what's new in HubSpot this July. 

What's New in Marketing Hub?

The all-new Marketing Hub Starter: what you need to know

Now live in HubSpot is an all-new version of Marketing Hub Starter that comes complete with easy-to-use email marketing tools. Growing a new business can seem overwhelming (especially when trying to assemble your various tools and data points together), but with Marketing Hub Starter, getting started just became easy. You can now:

  1. Make every email feel like a one-on-one conversation.
  2. Convert and engage your audience with tools like forms, pop-ups, ads, live chat, Facebook messenger, and more.
  3. Focus on the best possible content easily through one-step A/B testing.


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Check out Marketing Hub Starter.

Lead flows follow-up email

One of the hardest parts of maintaining your business is gathering leads, engaging them, and keeping the conversation going. By adding simple follow-up emails, you can create an action plan directly within your lead flows tool. This lets you convert more leads into customers in an engaging, personal, and customizable way.


Ready to learn more about emails in lead flows?
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Lead revisit notifications for contacts from offline sources

Are you curious if leads are revisiting your website? With this update, you can receive lead revisit notifications for all contacts in your database, regardless of their original source. Exciting, isn’t it? This will help you keep better tabs on how your contacts are interacting with your site and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.

Want to learn more?
Check out this blog post.

What's New in Sales Hub?

Custom availability for meetings

When it comes to doing business, communication and networking are essential. This update brings more flexibility to the meeting booking experience. If you’re constantly scheduling meetings or attending conferences, you know how much your availability is worth. This month, we wanted to give you the option to select a custom date range for when meetings can be booked. Now, you have the ability to configure your meetings links for specific events or windows of time.


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What's New in Service Hub?

Customer experience surveys

Feedback, a tool inside Service Hub, now offers the ability to conduct customer experience surveys to capture feedback. You and your team have the ability to track customer satisfaction of your services or products. It’s best to incorporate this tool right after an interaction while the information is still fresh in your customer’s mind (they’ll also be more likely to respond if it’s all within the same process).

Want the full scoop on this update?
Check out this blog post.

Make customer feedback more actionable with customizable thank you messages

Collecting customer feedback is a great way to help your business grow and make your customers happy. You now have the ability to customize thank you messages based on customers' ratings of you. For example, prompt detractors to book a meeting with a customer service agent or offer promoters a gift card in exchange for posting on a review site. This update will save you valuable time and keep your flywheel spinning.


Want the full scoop on this update?
Check out this blog post.


Tickets required fields

As a customer support manager, you need consistent data at every point in your support process. The more consistent your data, the more predictable your outcomes, and the better you’ll be able to forecast your month, act on your tickets, and coach your team. But in order to have consistent data, your team needs to have a consistent process.

Now you can ensure that all your support agents are collecting the same information as they move tickets through the pipeline. And, for those data points that are absolutely critical, you can require those properties to be completed before a ticket jumps stages.

Want the full scoop on this update?
Check out this blog post.


What's New in HubSpot Connect?

We want to grow better with you, and that’s why we're constantly expanding the HubSpot Connect Integrations library to include new integrations for you and your team to explore. Whether you want to share data seamlessly between HubSpot and Intercom or capture leads from video forms and send them into your HubSpot CRM through Cincopa, integrations help you customize your HubSpot experience to suit your needs.

Connect - Integrations Ecosystem 1_18 Final-2.png

Want to explore more integrations?
Check out the integrations library.

That’s it for July—keep an ear out next month to hear about more updates.

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