5 HubSpot Metrics You Can Track Through the Mobile App

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Maggie Butler
Maggie Butler



Mobile AppAs a HubSpot customer, you have access to detailed data and robust analytics on your marketing. But on occasion, you may not be near a computer to check HubSpot for what you need. That's where our mobile apps come in.

HubSpot has mobile apps for iPhone and Android that allow you to check in on your marketing analytics anytime, anywhere. Below are five metrics you can check on-the-fly with the HubSpot app.

First, get the mobile app for your phone so you can follow along. All product tiers in HubSpot can use the mobile app.


1) Monitor Visit, Contact, and Customer Metrics 

While your HubSpot monthly marketing report will give you a month-over-month performance report on the leads, visits and customers you've generated, you don’t need to wait until the report comes out to see how you’re doing in any of these three areas.



Not only can you change the timeframe of the data you're comparing, like this...


...you can also select longer timeframes and compare against marketing goals you've set.


Even though checking on your marketing performance is something we suggest you do weekly, it can sometimes be necessary to check these stats on-the-fly. Did you just launch a big campaign to turn leads in customers last week? Or, have you just left a trade show you sponsored in hopes of getting more visits to your website? Both of these use cases are perfect times to use your mobile app to check your marketing performance.

2) Track Your Best Marketing Channels

While the app’s dashboard gives you a high-level comparison of the visits, contacts and customers you've generated, the Sources Report in the mobile app allows you to drill down on the channels that are working to generate those contacts.


You can swap the chart view between visits, contacts and customers, shown here, and choose a channel, like email marketing, to see what the channel is bringing in.


 You can also switch the timeframe for this channel in the drilldown.


Clicking on any of the metrics will give you additional details. In this case, we can see a list of the emails that drove those visits and a list of contacts generated from each individual send.


The overall view gives you a good idea of what channels are most effective and where you should be spending your time, and the individual analytics of those channels can show you what content is most effective.

3) View Email Marketing Analytics [iPhone only]

The iPhone App makes it easy to see how your email sends are doing, even moments after you've sent them. You can keep track of individual send analytics and get a monthly view of your overall performance.



To see a monthly overview go to your email performance dashboard. There you'll see monthly numbers for sent emails, number of email opens, clicks in your emails and your CTR for all emails sent in a given timeframe. On the iPhone, you can change the timeframe by clicking on the date.


The dashboard also gives you insight into your best-performing emails for that month. Clicking into the email will give you additional details including, the email preview, individual analytics, recipients of the email and more.


Swipe right to see charts with Contact Churn and Bounces for this email.

You can then dive into the recipients of the email and sort by sent, delivered, opened or clicked. 


Finally, if you click into “Email” on the left-hand navigation menu of the app, you can search for and see all of your email sends, and those that are scheduled, in draft or archived. 

A/B testing is a feature that's available to HubSpot Enterprise customers


The mobile app is great for checking email stats on-the-fly.  It can give you by-the-minute insights, so you can spot deliverability problems or better understand who took action on your emails.  

*Using an Android smartphone? Stay tuned to the blog and your Notification Center in HubSpot for updates on when email will be available in the Android app.

4) View Your Contacts Database and Your Lists

Contacts are a marketer’s bread and butter. They’re the foundation for all of your marketing. In HubSpot's mobile app, you can check on your contacts or lists, no matter where you are.


Checking out your lists, which you can filter by smart, static or all, will give you a high-level overview of the number of contacts in any list and when it was last updated.


Clicking into any list will show you all the contacts in that list. You can also search for a specific name.


Clicking into any contact will give you a timeline, much like you see in HubSpot’s web app, with recent submissions, starred properties and the ability to email, call, add notes, or search any contact on Google or LinkedIn.


Because HubSpot Contacts Database takes information about a contact’s entire experience and stores it in their timeline, marketers can connect with contacts in a more relevant, personal way - straight from the app. Headed to meet with a particular lead in person? You can check out what content has interested them lately and see their most recent conversion on the run, so you can go into the meeting prepared.

5) Track Mentions and Measure Social Media ROI

Social Media is one of the fastest and most agile of all the marketing channels. HubSpot’s mobile app keeps you in touch with your social conversations. It gives you the power to publish to  social channels right from your mobile phone, see contacts mentioning you on Twitter, and even measure your social media ROI. 

In Publishing, you can see a calendar view of upcoming messages  as well as individual message analytics on what you’ve already shared:

If you click into any published message, not only will you get metrics like how many "favorites" or "likes" your post recieved, you'll also get a bar chart showing click activity in the first 24 hours.
You can pull out the ROI of social media from the Sources report, showing you how many visits, contacts and customers social media has generated for your business in a given timeframe:

iPhone users can also check social media reach with the Reach Report, giving you insight into how your social following is growing.


From figuring out the secret to perfectly timed tweets  to understanding how different types of content and messaging affect your CTRs, being able to check social  analytics right on your phone helps you stay on top of a marketing channel that really never sleeps. If you were counting on one message to perform really well and it didn't, the mobile app can help you quickly and easily adjust your strategy.  The mobile app also helps you keep your social shares full and interesting, enabling you to post on the fly and between meetings. 

Ready to try it out?  if you're reading this on your computer, you can email this blog post right to your smartphone, then easily install the app by clicking the button below.  I 


Already on your phone? Install the iPhone and Android Apps now. 

Download Mobile App Here

What other analytics are you checking on our iPhone and Android apps? Let us know in the comments!

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