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Lindsay Thibeault
Lindsay Thibeault



The Inbound Certification course is HubSpot Academy’s flagship course. On average, one inbound certification is awarded every nine minutes.


We measure the impact of this course not by our users' test scores but by the tangible impact it has on their careers and business goals.

It’s inbound certified professionals like you who apply what they learn and uphold the worldwide reputation of the course.

With that in mind, the team here at HubSpot takes this particular curriculum extremely seriously.

Since its initial release at INBOUND 2013, we've made two major updates to the course to keep it aligned with the changing world of inbound.

In 2015, we rebuilt it from the ground up with a focus on teaching marketers the why, how, and what of each marketing tactic that supports the inbound methodology.

More than 100,000 people have taken that version of the course and spent a collective 28,000 hours watching the first class, “Essentials of an Effective Inbound Strategy,” alone. Now, in 2018, the Inbound Certification course is getting another update.

Inbound Certification: Updated

Inbound has always been a cross-functional practice.

Whether you’re on the marketing team, the sales team, or the services team, there is value in doing business in a helpful, human, and holistic way. However, until now, the Inbound Certification has focused primarily on marketing strategies and tactics.

In its latest iteration, the Inbound Certification now feature HubSpot executives teaching you how to run an inbound business, from marketing to sales to services.

 This course introduces the inbound fundamentals, the new inbound methodology, and how to grow your business with a flywheel model with HubSpot leaders like Dharmesh Shah, Brian Halligan, Katie Burke, Alison Elworthy, and Mark Kilens.

Inbound Marketing Certification: New

The Inbound Marketing Certification course is similar to the former Inbound Certification course. It covers inbound marketing fundamentals, SEO topic clusters, long-term content strategy, blogging, social media promotion, conversion fundamentals, lead nurturing, conversational marketing, sales enablement, and customer marketing.

This is the course for digital marketing teams that want to build an inbound marketing machine that connects revenue to marketing efforts.

Inbound Sales Certification: Updated

The Inbound Sales Certification course was updated to include new faces, new tactics, and reworked to provide a better understanding of where inbound sales fits within the inbound methodology.

To accommodate even the busiest sales teams, we’ve condensed the certification course from three hours to two. This is the course for inside sales teams that are doing active and passive prospecting.

If you have any questions, reach out via the HubSpot Academy Twitter handle or Facebook page.

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