The Complete List of November 2018 Product Updates

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Jacqueline Renzi
Jacqueline Renzi



November has completely flown by. Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? Take a minute to step back and catch up on all the exciting new features this month.

google search console

Here’s what’s new in HubSpot this November. Check out the video below, along with written descriptions of each update. 

What’s New in Marketing Hub?

We're bringing Ads to the core Marketing Hub.

In 2018, ads should be a part of every SMBs’ inbound marketing strategy. By adding HubSpot’s ads tools into the core Marketing Hub, you will have the opportunity to grow better through paid marketing, evaluate the performance of all your ad spending, and see exactly how your ads are influencing your bottom line. With this update, you’ll never have to worry if your ads align with the rest of your marketing efforts — you’ll create a consistent narrative across any touchpoint within your company. 

Wondering How to Get Started?
Check out this blog post.


Introducing a new Google Search Console integration.

After rolling out Content Strategy to help you adapt to the changes happening with search engines, marketers felt they were missing a crucial piece — tracking getting ideas from topically-driven keywords. But not anymore! New in HubSpot is an integration with Google Search Console, which makes it easier than ever to create content by bringing all of your core search data into HubSpot. You can now:

  1. Search analytics alongside content. Within Content Strategy, from either the overall dashboard or Content Performance tab of individual pages, you can see these search metrics: average position, total impressions, and average clickthrough rate.
  2. See top search queries. This helps provide insight for terms your content is displaying for, and what terms you should incorporate into this content or create separate content about.
  3. See topically-driven keywords your pages are showing up for. With this data, you can ensure each of these terms are optimized on this page, and create new content that covers adjacent queries.
google search console

Want to Learn More?
Check out this blog post.


Drag-and-drop emails now support custom footer modules.

Would you like to build a custom footer that meets your business and brand needs? With this update, you can remove the built-in footer module that’s included with all drag-and-drop email templates and replace it with a custom footer module built in the design tools, or built in the drag-and-drop email editor. Finally, am I right? This will help you keep your content to more closely and consistently match with your brand.

Support for custom footer modules in drag-and-drop emails

Got a custom footer?
Check out this blog post.


A/B testing and more updated features are now available within the drag-and-drop email editor.

The newly updated drag-and-drop email editor now makes creating a marketing email simple and intuitive. Simply drag any elements of your email into place, add your content, and press send.

AB testing-1

Want the full scoop on this update?
Check out this blog post.


What’s New in Sales Hub?

We're sunsetting “highlights” in the activity feed.

“Highlights” was built in an effort to help you prioritize your most important prospect engagement day-to-day. We wanted to stop you from ever having to ask the question, “what should I be doing to hit my quota/goal?” However, we don’t have confidence that the current solution is the right approach to helping you answer that key question. By the end of 2018, the “highlights” tab will be removed from all activity feeds.


Want more information?
Check out this Community Post.


What’s New in Service Hub? 

Get deeper insights with filtering in customer feedback.

As you create a business, you will encounter different types of customers during your growth journey, whether they’re high-paying vs. low-paying, Spanish vs. English, old vs. new. But in order to grow better, you need to understand how different cohorts of customers feel and gain deeper insights into their customer experience. New in the customer feedback tool, you can filter results by customer properties and display results and responses from your customers who meet that criteria.

deepen insights with customer feedback

Want the full scoop on this update?
Check out this blog post.


What’s New in CRM? 

A more detailed subscription status history for the contact record.

Now live in HubSpot is an all-new detailed history table of subscription changes for a contact record. Since the GDPR deadline this past May, tracking and recording consent has been critical in managing communications while being compliant. On the contact record you can now view a detailed history of changes to a subscription status, the source of the change, and the legal basis and explanation for the change. This will make tracking and understanding consent a breeze, giving you the ability to review a contact’s history at a glance.

subscription status

Want to see it in action?
Check out this blog post.


What's New in HubSpot Connect?

We want to grow better with you, and that’s why we are constantly expanding the HubSpot Connect Integrations library to include new integrations for you and your team to explore. Whether you want to automatically sync HubSpot invoices into your Xero account or prepare yourself for meetings with the AI-based executive assistant through PrompterAI, integrations help you customize your HubSpot experience to suit your needs.

New Call-to-action

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