October 2018: New HubSpot Product Integrations This Month

Josh Reed
Josh Reed


As a HubSpot user, you want to work as efficiently and effectively as possible. 

Connect Ecosystem V3 - August 23, 2018 (1)

The HubSpot Connect program helps you do just that by bringing new companies into the platform to deliver helpful solutions to you, our customers. 

We’re building an ecosystem of product integrations that help you expand and improve your marketing, sales, and service capabilities — all while using HubSpot. 

This month we're talking about Slack, SEMrush, Facebook, and more.

Each month we showcase several of our newest product integrations and beta integrators to let you know how that ecosystem is growing.

Maybe you’re already using one of these technologies and you’re excited to learn about how it now integrates with HubSpot, or maybe you’re in the market for a new tool to increase your team’s productivity. 

The HubSpot Connect program is growing rapidly. You can find all the integration partners here.

For now, let’s get into some of the newest beta integrators and certified partners in the HubSpot ecosystem.

New Product Integrations

If you use both HubSpot and one of these technologies, enable the integration in your HubSpot account to check it out.

BrightTALK (certified) — For the lead gen marketer eager to take advantage of webinars.

Sync your contacts and engagement from BrightTALK's webinar and video platform. Choose from more than 50 data points to score, nurture, and convert your attendees. Supercharge your webinar performance by using BrightTALK’s community of seven million professionals.

Cradle — For anyone looking to make customer calls more reliable and productive.

Bring your phone calls into HubSpot and get the full picture of your customer interactions with Cradle.

Aloe.ai — For the person who wants to take smarter notes using AI.

Take notes using any combo of text messaging, dictation, email, meeting recording, handwriting, rich text, and using a camera, then Aloe organizes and transcribes the notes and syncs them to the HubSpot CRM.

Zoom — For anyone looking to simplify daily meetings and webinars.

Create and track Zoom video meetings automatically from any meeting scheduled from the HubSpot CRM or meetings tool. The integration also makes it easier to use HubSpot to power your Zoom webinars with a new Zoom webinar workflow action.

AlphaSheets — For the data-driven marketer or salesperson.

Easily analyze live data from HubSpot, Salesforce, Mixpanel and more in a cloud spreadsheet interface. With interactive data prep and AI-recommended charts, tell the data story you’ve always wanted to without consulting a data expert.

Jog.ai — For those who always wished they had a personal assistant join their calls.

Your personal assistant for phone calls. Quickly take notes while you’re on a call, flag important moments, and Jog will give you a full transcript of the call afterward — showing exactly who said what. Jog.ai uses the latest in AI and NLP.

RoboAuditor — For the marketer or salesperson eager to increase conversion rates.

Turn more visitors into leads through RoboAuditor — an embeddable white label SEO audit tool. Automatically sync leads to HubSpot and trigger lead nurturing workflows based on audit scores.

Survicate — For the marketer looking to gain more insights into their leads.

Segment, nurture, and score leads based on survey responses — including NPS, CSAT, and website feedback surveys.

CoSchedule — For the marketer who wants a better way to organize all projects on their roadmap.

Sync your email marketing, landing pages, and blog posts to one place. You can also manage, collaborate, and execute on all those moving pieces in a project management tool designed specifically for marketers.

RingOver — For service or sales reps who want to take an automated, data driven approach to calling.  

Unlimited calls, text messages, voicemails, recorded conversations, ticket creation, and file retrieval to save time. Monitoring tools and real-time statistics to increase performance.

Ads Workbench — For the marketer looking to automate lead capture and nurturing.

Instantly sync your lead generation sources (including Facebook lead ads) with your HubSpot account, and update your custom audiences automatically for CRM retargeting in multiple advertiser networks using your HubSpot data.

CedCommerce — For the e-commerce marketer. 

Customize your HubSpot for Magento store. Create lists, groups, contact properties, and workflows in HubSpot. Then run tailored marketing campaigns as per buyer personas and increase repeat purchases from old and new customers alike.

Rekener — For the data-driven sales rep.

Advanced reporting for your HubSpot data, including sales rep scorecards as well as account-level insights.

Let us know what you think of these integrations. Know of any other technologies you’d love to integrate with your HubSpot account? Email us at connectmarketing@hubspot.com

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