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Marjorie Munroe
Marjorie Munroe



Before the internet, if you were looking to buy something, your main source of information was the person selling it. Will what you’re buying work the way you want it to? Is it worth the money? Can you get a better price elsewhere?


Regardless of whether you were buying thumbtacks at a hardware store or an apartment building from a commercial realtor, the only person you could get answers from was the salesperson you were working with.

Those days are long gone.

Now, everything you could ever want to know about thumbtacks or apartment buildings or anything else is on the internet. And buyers in every industry are using this to their advantage.

These days, regardless of what industry you’re in, attracting people to you is far more effective than chasing down prospects and trying to convince them to buy from you.

That’s what sales enablement is all about: bringing marketing and sales together to keep up with today’s empowered buyers. Your sales team needs robust processes and excellent content if they’re going to thrive in the modern landscape, and marketing is the department that can give it to them.

If you’re still relying on old-school spam tactics or just not seeing success from your content marketing, it's time check out the Sales Enablement Certification Course. 

Don't have time to sit and watch the videos?

Now, you can listen to Sales Enablement on the go! The entire certification is now available to listen on SoundCloud. Each bite-size episode covers a topic on anything from strategically using your buyer personas to aligning your marketing and sales teams behind content creation to evaluating different sales enablement tools. 

Each episode is packed with advice for aligning your teams and empowering your sales team to sell faster and better. Grab your headphones and give it a listen now. 

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