Run Smarter Social Advertising Campaigns with New GoChime Integration

Abhinav Arora
Abhinav Arora



blog-editorialWhen running a paid campaign, it is important to marketers to reach a relevant audience at the right time using the right platform. How many times have you seen a Facebook ad for a company that you already know of or a product that you already own?


It happens all the time. As a marketer, I see this as an inefficiency in one's marketing engine, not to mention the wasted ad spend. So how do you overcome this challenge?

Today, we are teaming up with GoChime to launch a brand new integration that will help you run smarter and more effective social media advertising campaigns. GoChime is a Facebook retargeting tool that enables its users to re-engage with their inactive contacts or acquire new customers using Facebook Newsfeed and Right Rail ads.

Using this integration you will be able to :

  • Specifically re-engage with your inactive contacts
  • Control your ad spend by preventing ads from showing up to your existing customers
  • Sync email campaign lists directly to Facebook
  • Create and manage Facebook ads
  • View Facebook ad campaign reports

This will help marketers understand their paid audience much better and ultimately improve their marketing ROI. GoChime’s cookie-less targeting will also help reach customers on their mobile devices.

This integration is available to all HubSpot customers with a GoChime account.

How does it work?

GoChime will find your existing customers on Facebook by anonymously matching their email addresses to their Facebook profiles. Check out this short video on how GoChime works:

To sync your HubSpot account with GoChime, login to GoChime and click on Select an Integration and then choose HubSpot.

HubSpot GoChime Integration
You will then authenticate by signing in with your HubSpot login credentials and input your Portal Id.

HubSpot GoChime Integration

HubSpot Portal Ids can be found in the footer of your dashboard when logged into HubSpot or within any URL.

Once the sync is successful, any list you save in HubSpot will also appear in GoChime and update in real time. As your contacts in your lists change (added or removed), so do your audiences in GoChime.

HubSpot GoChime Integration

It’s important to note that not all of the emails you have sent or will send from your HubSpot account will appear in your GoChime account after a successful sync. You’ll need to assign your email and all future emails that you wish to show up in GoChime to a Campaign in HubSpot. For more information on creating and assigning Campaigns to emails, please visit the HubSpot Knowledge Center.

Creating a Facebook ad on GoChime is extremely easy. Once you have selected a Goal and Synced a corresponding audience, you will automatically be placed in the ad creation flow. You can choose to either Drive Traffic or Drive Conversions depending on your business needs.

After creating your targeted ad with GoChime you can view the ad performance in a couple ways. You can look at your overall campaign summary on your Campaigns dashboard in GoChime.

HubSpot GoChime Integration
Or you can drill down to see the performance of individual ads by clicking View Ads on any Campaign. Here you will discover more in-depth reporting on individual ad performance and have the ability to pause any ad that is not performing as well as you like.

If you don’t have a GoChime account yet, you can sign up and start your free trial today. To celebrate the announcement, GoChime is offering 100% off the first month of any company that syncs their HubSpot account before July 18th 2014.

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